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Happy Summer Solstice! - The Season For Cultivating Happiness 🌻

Happy Summer Solstice!

Summer is officially here, the season associated with joy, expansion, celebration and light! Harnessing the energy around us now helps us to ground in the qualities that give life it’s juiciness and boost our happiness levels.

Happiness is not only the bedrock of our health and well being, but also provides us with the resilience required to face challenges and bounce back from setbacks. When we are out of touch with what truly makes us thrive whether because of trauma, drip fed conditioning or living on automatic pilot we can easily turn to behaviours that self destruct or cause us to live dampened down version of ourselves. Although understanding past trauma or what holds us back in life is valuable work, this route is not always necessary in order to restore balance and harmony.

Purely focusing on boosting our levels of happiness is a powerful way of breaking through those old memories (conscious and unconscious), habits and beliefs that no longer serve us as well as healing physical ailments and dis-ease in our bodies. This is not about putting plasters on broken legs, suppressing our feelings and just thinking positive, it is about calling on the potent healing power of the pure unfettered part of us that is already whole, vibrant and in touch with our true essence. The part that knows how to heal, repair, energise, forgive, let go, whispers to you to follow your heart and waits to be called.

There is a system of energies that lie within all of us known as the Radiant Circuits (also known as Joy Generators, Glad Glows and Extraordinary Vessels). They are the first recorded system in ancient Chinese texts and clinical literatures and are also acknowledged in many ancient healing practices such as qi gong, shiatsu, acupuncture, shin do. These radiant circuits are the expansive energy you feel when when you fall in love, have good news, see a wonderful sunset, hear beautiful music, that sudden uplift, exhilaration, orgasm, the feeling of gratitude. Specific somatic practices stimulate the extraordinary power these energies and raise our feelings of happiness and contentment. When we practice keeping these energies humming we create a foundation of resilience, boost our immunity and have more fun!

To put it bluntly: We live in a wonderful body full of knobs, switches, energy lines and magic that can be stimulated to create more joy, happiness and a sense of fulfilment. But it takes practice!

For all of these reasons we are embarking on our 21 Day Happiness Experiment starting July 5th inside our A Handpicked Life Membership! A live course framework of 21 days of somatic practices and techniques so we can ground in this wonderful energy and raise our default setting to one that is vibrant, healthy and optimistic! Join us for just 15 minutes each day (live @ 7:30pm or on recording) and experience the shifts for yourself! Trust us, once you experience it, you’ll never stop practicing. Just sign up to our membership, we will be posting all the details on the platform tomorrow morning!

This is the last few weeks of our membership being available at our founding price of just £18.50 per month. We are closing for summer in the next two weeks and next time we open we will be raising our prices. The current price will remain the same for our founding members (everyone signed up before 6th July 2022) for as long as they are with us! For more information check out our membership.

Wishing you all a vibrant and joyful summer solstice! ☀

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