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How to create positive change in life and make it sustainable! - The rhythms of nature

Want to know how to create positive change in life AND make it easy and sustainable? We are nature and when we tap into the natural rhythms and ebb and flow of life, we can learn to optimise our energy, have self compassion and to see things through in a way that feels easeful, empowering and sustainable.

Creating positive change can be easy and sustainable if we learn to stop pushing against ourselves and using willpower to see things through and instead work with the self and our energy.

The workshop offered in this video is no longer available but if you would like to explore the rhythms of nature and the energetic archetypes that create a cycle then please sign up for our FREE course: Tapping Into Natures Rhythms. In this course we dive deep into how to work with a cycle to support you in handpicking your life!

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