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Making happiness your default setting | July Natures Rhythms Update

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

In this session we explore the energy of the summer season and the archetypal peak of any cycle and how we can harness this energy into making happiness your default setting.

Join us for this session including a short talk, life coaching exercise and somatic practice where we tap into the cyclical energy that we are a part of and learn how to harness and direct it to enhance your life.

When we talk about happiness, we're not talking about that feeling of a giddy high or exhilaration, but a deep sense of contentment and peace. In this session we explore the importance of assimilation, taking in the good, the happiness set point and raising that default setting of joy.

🌻 Sign up for The 21 Day Happiness Experiment 🌻

If you’d like some further support, we are beginning our 21 Day Happiness Experiment on Tuesday 5th July. The experiment is a framework of short 15 minute somatic practices live (at 7:30am) OR on replay each day. It is an opportunity to direct your energy and fuel joy, assertive action, happiness, kindness, compassion and expansion. This program is available inside our membership. The doors to our membership are open for just six more days before we close for the summer.

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