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Perfect timing - Let the pause tell you when

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Well life is certainly starting to stir awake and, although we are still in the depths of winter, the snowdrops are blooming, tiny green daffodil shoots are coming up and the occasional hint of warm sunshine is distinctively spring-like. The brave plants that push up prematurely with strength and determination are a joy to see. Yet, they also still have the winter to face; icy winds to endure and frosty nights to survive. As ever nature can serve as a reminder as to how resilient we can be and also, that if we move forward at the right time we have the strength and resilience to see something through.

Looking through the lens of the Nature's Rhythms model this mirrors the time in the cycle of a project when we are excited to get going. It is also a time when we can move forward too soon only to have to back track later or find ourselves on the wrong path altogether. When we take the time to complete each section of the cycle it pays dividends in seeing something through.

How do I know when I am ready?

How long is a piece of string? Only you can know when you are ready and trusting the wisdom of your body and building your intuition is a skill that can be cultivated by anyone. A regular practice of yoga/ meditation/ contemplation/ journaling are ways of tapping into that instinctive 'knowing' that will help you become aware when you are ready to move, when you are leaping forward to soon or holding back because of self doubt or a sabotaging belief. It can be a fine line but when we take stress out of the equation we can get to that quiet, consistent guidance that gets clearer over time.

If in doubt pause, check in, reflect. If not in doubt pause, check in, reflect. Play with the dog, walk in the woods, take a long bath, allow your practice to be a little longer. Every time you wipe the slate clean, get into the present moment and listen to your own wisdom you get to know yourself a little more. Being honest with yourself feels a little safer and trusting your guidance, which sometimes means reaching out for support, becomes easier.

If you get that feeling you should wait then stay in the dreamtime, hold your vision and nourish it. Visualise it, feel it and live as if it has already happened. Rehearse it, invite it in to every cell of your being, listen to your inner voice, pay attention to guidance in your day to day life and respond to it. As you nurture your vision in this way you are feeding your aspiration from the roots, creating a strong foundation.

When we do things in the right time there is a flow and an ease that comes with the action. Sometimes, it is time to move forward, but that will only become clear in the pause.

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