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Recovering From Coronavirus - A personal story

Hello and healthy greetings!

Having recently recovered from coronavirus which was quite a journey! I would like to share the techniques that helped me to shift the virus and the after effects of fatigue and depression through my body.

My personal approach to dealing with the pandemic has been to look after my immune system physically, mentally and emotionally, through my diet, exercise and mediation, staying away from fear driven mainstream media and having the majority of my focus on what is good and right with the world (like most people this has been challenging at times!). Having been hospitalised with asthma and chest infections in the past made it all the more important to me to not get caught in the general wave of panic that has a detrimental effect on our health and well being. With all this in place however, I still went into fear and panic when I contracted the virus. All the ‘what if’s’ rushed into my mind; the snippets of well meaning conversations I had had, the stuff that had trickled in (although I thought I had done a good job of staying informed but not inundated), all came rushing in to have their say.

“With your history you really don’t want to catch it”

“People with asthma are considered very high risk”

“You are prime candidate for long COVID as it settles deep in the lungs”

As expectation also plays a huge part in the outcome of any situation, addressing these negative thoughts and feelings was the first thing on my agenda. I turned to the model that always serves me best:

A Handpicked Life has four quadrants that complete a cycle that supports a healthy, happy and meaningful life. Although there is a cycle of order as each section feeds into the next, the quadrants are also interconnected and ever present as they ebb and flow throughout. The model serves in many different areas of life and having coronavirus gave me an opportunity to apply this model in yet another way. Below I have shared in a nutshell the quadrants, and how I put the the cycle into practice:

The four quadrants:

Reflection, getting clear and letting go – A time for honesty and being with what is, getting clear about what is not serving you. Using somatic and energy practices to let go of the beliefs, attitudes, habits and behaviours on every level of this subject/situation, addressing the mental, physical and emotional.

My application: Reflection through writing and meditation helped me to acknowledge the fear and panic I was experiencing. To give time and be present to what was clamouring for attention. This helped me realise that these opinions were either not mine, not true or simply not helpful.

I then got clear on what thoughts were going to help me move forward:

“ I trust my body knows how to deal with this virus”

“My lungs and my immune system are strong and healthy”

“I choose to support what gives me strength and peace”

I did some tapping to address my feelings of fear and panic and created a list of all the physical and energetic exercises I knew could support me in shifting the virus through my system.

Planting new seeds and dreaming in the new - The process of manifesting starts with thought and feeling. This is a time to use your imagination, dream the new with every part of your being. Bringing all the senses to life and allowing the feeling to build and experiencing it as if it has already happened.

My application: As I lay in bed drifting in and out of consciousness I visualised myself well and happy. Bringing in the feeling of being healthy and happy was the key component to making it happen. I saw my immune system strong and vibrant, like a shining light. I knew it when my visualisation was working because I felt better even if I was still feeling ill. I felt more positive and clear. I could feel my body responding and getting stronger. I also imagined big bunches of yellow echinacea flowers sinking deep into my body. The properties of yellow echinacea can help to shift viruses out of the system.

Taking action – Acting on your dreams and making them a reality. Make and keep commitments that support what you are choosing to create. However small the steps, take action and follow through on opportunities and guidance that come your way. Remember that what you practice is what you become.

My application: I repeated over and over simple energy exercises to keep my lungs clear and boost my immune system. I committed to smiling as soon as I woke up to relax my body and divert myself from jumping into fearful thoughts and focusing on how awful I felt. If I found myself struggling with this I would stay with the feelings of fear and acknowledge them before shifting my focus to what I was aiming for. Whenever I felt my chest tighten (this would often be in the middle of the night when I would wake with a jolt of panic) I would immediately clear my lung source points (video below) along with any of the other exercises I could do lying down. This enabled me to feel my lungs opening and therefore helped me get into a better frame of mind.

Embodiment, assimilation and celebration – with the repetition of the first three, eventually the qualities become a natural way of being. That is when we have lasting change, in other words, the new way of being is the natural and the easiest choice. Taking time to celebrate at this stage is key and often the part of the cycle which is overlooked. When we celebrate ourselves and acknowledge and notice what we have achieved, it helps to sink in the foundation of the change we have made. The more we practice, the better it feels and celebrating is a fabulous way to ground and embody the new so it becomes a part of our make up.

My application: I repeated all of the above over and over adding an adrenal protocol to help with fatigue. It took about three weeks to recover fully and I have to say that right now I feel fantastic and my lungs are stronger than ever!

I celebrated by swimming in a freshwater lake with some lovely friends. As I swam I felt exhilarated and so grateful for my strong and healthy body. For my amazing lungs and immune system, my family (including all the animals), my friends…need I go on?

I have created a three part video series of the somatic practices I used to support my mind, body and spirit throughout my healing journey. These practices are useful at any time, even if you don't have a virus, to keep your immune system strong and healthy and to release any fear and health anxiety.

Coronavirus Somatic Protocol Series - Part 1 - Somatic practices and energy exercises

Coronavirus Somatic Protocol Series - Part 2 - A tapping protocol

Coronavirus Somatic Protocol Series - Part 3 - Adrenal protocol

I sincerely hope that this blog and the videos serve to keep or get you well and bring much peace and joy into your life.

Lots of love xx

Yellow Echinacea Flower:

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