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Somatic Practices - A Catalyst For Making Lasting Change!

Have you ever been in that place when your mind is saying one thing and your body is saying something completely different? You know how you want to think, feel, respond or that those habits or behaviours don't serve you. That you don't need to feel jealous, afraid or angry and yet some how your body is almost betraying you and you find yourself repeating the same patterns again and again.

Somatic practices are a catalyst for making lasting change in your life and are one of the main pillars in our cycle of transformation. Your body and your energy system are a gateway into your subconscious. When you work somatic practices you are able to bypass the mind and create lasting change from the roots up at the subconscious level!

Join us in this short video to learn how somatic practices can help you in creating lasting change if your life!

And, if you'd like to go deeper, learn our process for creating change AND have a felt experience of our cycle of transformation, join our free immersive equinox workshop The Cycle of Transformation on Wednesday 21st September 2022!

We cant wait to see you there!

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