Give someone you love the gift of their very own Handpicked Life this year!


This gift voucher entitles the bearer full access to our Foundation Course with A Handpicked Life online community including all of its live and recorded content. Gift voucher comes with a nice and christmassy, downloadable .pdf which you can print, sign and gift to your loved one!


The Foundation Course is the core of our 'A Handpicked Life' initiative, it will get you started as you mean to go on. Think of this foundation as a way to redirect your energy so you work smarter not harder rather than adding more to your to do list. It will help you in gaining clarity and develop the skills so you can direct your focus to what makes you lighter, joyful and more at ease, the more you feel these qualities the more energy you will have to keep building on them.


Whats Included


A Daily 15 Minute Energy Routine

To get you grounded, aligned, calm, energised and clear. Your body is your home, make it a spacious, comfortable and kind place to be.​


A Daily Concious Walk

To connect, stay aware and continue to reinforce what you are choosing to practice.​


A Daily Gratitude List

Raise your default happiness setting and bring in more of the ‘good stuff’, practice highlighting what is working, what is good in your life.​


Workbook Exercises

Explore what holds you back, keeps you in your habits, acknowledge what needs to be seen and heard before moving on to create a new story.​


Journal Exercises

Reinforce the ‘new’ you. The best way to break bad habits is to create new ones that are more joyful and spacious so they become the easiest and most obvious choice. This is the ‘feel good’ book where you affirm affirm affirm!​


Extra Tools For Your Toolkit

Classes, physical practices and techniques that you can build into your daily practice to further embody feeling good!

A Gift For Another: The Foundation Course

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