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Hello, I'm Hannah Cummins, I am an astrologer and co-founder of A Handpicked Life. I specialise in combining ancient wisdom, archetypal systems and the cycles of nature for deeper self understanding, compassion and fulfilment. Drawing on many tools such as astrology, human design, ancient Chinese philosophy and more! I began my journey and career in the personal development space after a few years ago after a major identity crisis. 

You'll hear me talk about this a lot but like many people, I have a tendency to be very 'in the mind', quite logic driven and disconnected from my body and true nature. Which in our society served me well (on paper), yet I never felt content or truly happy with my life. I found myself taking an unfulfilling path that was 'expected of me'. Caught in a cycle of 'just getting through' and burnout and I always lacked balance. 


It was only when I began to work with somatic practices and energy work that things really began to shift. When using these practices, partnered with life coaching exercises, I was able to get my body on board with my mind, cultivate balance and start to ground in real, sustainable changes into my life.

We aren’t confined and we are free to handpick our lives and create a life we love. All we need to do is to simply choose it and start to embody it!  It's now more important than ever we take responsibility for our own well being and contentment. Happy healthy people naturally contribute to a happier healthier world. 

​Hello I am Lianne Campbell, life and wellbeing coach and somatic guide, Co-Creator of A Handpicked Life. I have over 30 years experience in the field of health and well being.

Before becoming a life coach 15 years ago, I started my career as a dancer and choreographer. From a very young age I was always acutely aware of how my physical state effected my mental and emotional wellbeing. When I hit problems with my health, which in turn affected my career and every other area of my life, it led me to study ancient philosophies, practices and complimentary approaches to health and wellbeing. Many of which became powerful aids on my own healing journey, shaping my career into what I do today.


From a personal perspective and from feedback from hundreds of clients over the years, I have experienced time and time again how energy work and embodiment practices partnered with life coaching techniques are key in creating profound and lasting change.

Today I love sharing that which has enriched my life and that of so many others in ways that I could never have dreamed possible.


My memoirs are documented in my book, Lessons From Leela.


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When Hannah hit rock bottom at the beginning of 2019 our conversations between auntie and niece turned into coaching sessions as Lianne shared more of the practices that had been her saving grace through anxiety, depression and ill health. For Lianne, even though she had coached many people in the past it was exciting to witness how the challenges she had overcome in her own life had paved a way for someone of the next generation in her own family. 


Hannah – “With personal development work I’d done in the past, I had found myself with a list of behaviours to change, actions to take and implement all buzzing around my head that were overwhelming and hard to put into practice. Knowing how you want to feel, think or what you want to do is very different to actually making it your reality. It was when I began working with Lianne I was finally able to align my mind and my body and not only think differently but also feel differently. I began to practice embodiment, relax into my natural rhythm and stopped trying to force and control outcomes. That was when I started to ground in real, sustainable changes into my behaviour which in turn created profound shifts in my life.”


Lianne - “Working with Hannah was different to my usual coaching relationships. It helped me to see my work from a new lens. Given that our conversations were more relaxed than the usual client/coach setting, the true treasure was that our roles were often reversed. With Hannah’s observations and fresh perspective on areas that I was holding back on, our sessions often became more like a mutual holding, helping each other to get clear and stay on track. This gave us both a chance to witness a deeper unfolding and highlight the most effective applications to creating positive change.”

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Going on this journey together over the past few years and seeing just how powerful and profound the shifts have been for both of us inspired us to create A Handpicked Life membership framework. We want to share the wisdom and provide the continuity and support that has enriched both our lives with as many people as possible.


We are without a doubt living in unprecedented times and many of us long to make sustainable changes in our personal lives and in the wider world. It is now more important than ever that we step up and take responsibility for our own happiness and well-being. When we are content, fulfilled and living the lives we truly want to live, that ripple effect contributes to creating a happier healthier world, one person at a time.