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Membership FAQ's

What is the A Handpicked Life Membership? 


Specialising somatic practices and energy work, A Handpicked Life Membership uses an integrative mind body approach to life and wellbeing coaching. A creatively crafted ongoing supportive framework based in ancient wisdom and natural principles keeps you on track to building a foundation for your wellbeing and living a life you love.

As ever, our focus is on integrating valuable practices gently into everyday life in a beneficial, enjoyable and sustainable way.

We are here to support you to:

  • Gain clarity & stay conscious through daily mindfulness practices & monthly check ins

  • Make your body a more spacious and happier place to be

  • Create more choice and opportunity

  • Tap into nature's rhythms and the abundant energy available to us

  • Stay on track and actualise your dreams!

What’s Included In The Membership? 


Our membership content is designed as a framework to help you to stay on track and create a life you love! Our membership is hosted on an easy to use platform with all of your live and recorded content and communications in one place! Here's what's included:

  • 1 x Monthly New Moon Coaching Call - Pause whilst the energy is quiet. Gather inspiration whilst you reflect on your progress, refresh your vision and stay on track. These sessions are a chance to learn how to harness the natural cycles and rhythms of life that are there to support us.

  • 2 x Weekly Classes - (Roughly 8 Classes Per Month) - An opportunity to ground in sustainable change. Stay on track as you build your awareness, grow stronger in mind and body and cultivate a sense of ease and spaciousness. Incorporating yoga, energy techniques, meditation, EFT and other mindful practices. Classes are hosted live at 7:30am on Tuesdays and Fridays and are added to the library within 24 hours.

  • 1-2+ Monthly Workshops - Monthly workshops with our in-house team and expert guests.  Sharing an abundance of wisdom and practical techniques, keep adding to your toolkit and developing your skills and awareness as you navigate the path that supports your Handpicked life.

  • Full Access To Our Content Library - Get instant access to all of our past workshops, new moon gatherings and our archive of 40 + powerful somatic and energy work practices. Our archive is easily categorised so you find what you need, when you need it! So you can tap into your own unique rhythm and meet your energy where it's at!

  • 21 Day Daily Practice Programs - 21 Day programs consisting of daily 15 minute practices to really feel the shifts of somatic practices for yourself. Each with an hour long workshop for you to learn how these practises work!

  • Our Social Media Feature - Our platform hosts a social media feature there to use as/if you wish. Connect with other members, share your wisdom and your wins, have your say! Regular posts from us with resources, tools, tips & inspiration!

What if I can’t make the live events, will I miss out? 


Not at all! All of our events are recorded and added to the content library within 48 hours after the live event for your use at any time. 


How do I access everything? Like the live events, workshop library & class library? 


Our membership is hosted on an easy to use platform with all of your live and recorded content and communications in one place. Simply log in via the A Handpicked Life website using the button in the top right hand corner.

All of our live workshops, classes and events are hosted on our easy to use membership platform. Just log in, choose the events tab and click to join the event. - No complex systems with ever changing zoom links required!

Our membership platform also hosts our Workshop Library, our Weekly Class Library, Our New Moon Coaching Call Library and all of our courses. Just log in, choose the content library tab and get stuck in!

Our membership platform also has its own mobile app so you can access all of your content and get notified about any upcoming events and new content while you’re on the go.

I’m not very tech savvy, will I be able to use the membership platform? 


The membership platform is very simple and easy to use. We also provide a short orientation course along with a series of welcome emails which walk you through step by step how to access your events and content library.


However, if you get stuck or you need a hand finding your feet, we are happy to help! Our Community Manager Hannah is on standby to walk you through anything you need help with. Just email us at Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


What if I decide it isn’t for me? 


That's not a problem! When you sign up, your monthly or annual rolling membership will begin. You can cancel at any time and your membership and all access and payments will end at the end of that billing period.



Am I tied in or can I cancel any time?


You are not tied in and there are no strings attached! You can cancel your membership whenever you like. 


When you sign up, your monthly or annual rolling membership will begin. You can cancel at any time and your membership and all access and payments will end at the end of that billing period.

Why do you charge in US Dollars?


Unfortunately, right now the company which hosts our membership platform does not have the facilities to charge in any other currencies. We have chosen this platform as we love what they stand for. There is no other platform on the market that offers all courses, live events, forums and a social media platform all in one easy to use package. Not only that but their software has no algorithms with ulterior motives so when anyone posts or shares, its not hidden because of low engagement. Just pure organic content.

I don't want to pay in US Dollars, can I pay in GBP?


Absolutely! We have opted for the USD payment option for now as it creates a more seamless onboarding process for our wonderful members. We do offer an option to pay in GBP via our website directly but there's just a few extra steps to the onboarding process as our website and platform are hosted on two separate systems.

When you purchase your membership it will prompt you to create an account, this is for your payment management onlyOur platform is hosted on an by an an external platform and mobile app. Once you have purchased your membership, you will receive an email invitation to join our private platform where you can create your account and access all of our content within 24 hours.


Your email will be from Hannah Cummins. Be sure to check your junk if you do not receive your invitation.

Hannah will also send over extra details about account & payment management.


This all sounds good, but I’m not a big fan of online communities. Do I have to join in & contribute? 

Not at all, just be yourself. Share and contribute in a way that's right for you. If you feel to, your stories and experiences may be exactly what another member needs to hear today to solve a problem or seize an opportunity. Simply receiving that story however, has equal value as a contribution. You can contribute by sending a private message to someone, commenting, "cheering" their post or simply quietly acknowledging and receiving.


Is there a deadline to join?


YES! We open our membership at each equinox and solstice before we embark on a journey based in the energy of that season. We do this so we can create a container and hold space for our members as we go on a journey of transformation. 

Join our A Handpicked Life Membership OR join our waiting list and be fully supported in creating and living a life you LOVE!



We hope the above has been helpful! If you have any further queries or questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Drop us an email at


We can't wait to support you in creating and living a life that you love. We hope to see you in the membership soon!

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