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Our Why



Without a doubt, the last five years have been the most turbulent and uncertain in living history. Stress, anxiety and poor physical/ mental health are for some everyday occurrences, with little or no solutions.

During times of stress it’s difficult to concentrate, be motivated and stay aligned with what truly matters to us. It is easy to fall into ‘just getting through’… today, the next week/ month and ultimately your life!

Life is now faster, busier and louder and no matter how fired up you are about a new idea, a possibility or dream; the challenge is always in staying strong in your vision and making it a reality in your everyday life. 


A Handpicked Life is not about doing more, it is about becoming conscious of what you are doing, so you have a choice in where you direct your energy. We use an integrative mind body approach to life and wellbeing coaching, partnered with somatic practices and energy work. This is the foundation of our holistic support programme, based in ancient wisdom and natural principles, that keeps you on track and on purpose as you explore more about what is possible for you.

Wherever you are in your life, right now is a good place to start. These times are calling on us to up our game and take ownership of our own lives. When we do, we contribute to directing our own futures, for ourselves and future generations - no matter what the twists and turns of life have in store. Life can be purposeful, joyful and rich and when it is, it is easy to be generous, compassionate and kind.


Visit our membership page for full details of all the support and encouragement we offer!


Join us and let's create a happier, healthier world one person at a time

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