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What Ignites You?

Happy new year!

Wishing you all lots of love, peace, laughter, tons of the good stuff and more in 2023.

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As we enter the new year there is a collective energy that rises up encouraging us to spring into action, get off the starting blocks and start the year as we mean to go on. However, in the northern hemisphere the winter time supports a different kind of action, one that is directed inwards and away from high activity. This doesn’t mean that there is a lack of energy, there is a powerful abundant force as always, it is just not as obvious as it spirals inwards feeding the cool, gentle, silently powerful energy that lays that important foundation for the year to come.

If you get quiet, rest and go inward now, even if it is only for a short time each day you will nourish yourself on every level and clearly hear the whispers that guide you with wisdom to realising your dreams. An energy that will support assertive, sustainable action in the spring and summer and that will allow you to thrive throughout the year.

In stillness and quiet time, healing, repair and renewal happens and our brains can process and re order. When we value the stages of each cycle equally; letting go, resting, taking action and assimilating our incredible life force is given the opportunity to do what it is designed to do - to thrive, strengthen our immunity and to expand our capacity to feel joy and live life fully. Even taking a couple of ten minute slots a day for gentle walks, meditation, a long bath, nourishing foods, journaling etc. These conscious restful moments will pay dividends for the year ahead.

January is a wonderful time to get clear on what ignites you, the winter dreamtime is an opportunity to detach from your identity and give yourself the freedom to be curious and enquire; What is you in your element? When do you feel most alive/exhilarated/fulfilled? What gives you that intrinsic reward of enjoying just doing it for the sake of doing it?

Whatever inspires you fuels you on every level; physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. When you are fuelled up with inspiration and aligned with your values you tap into your abundant life force and potential. And right now, what the world needs is people stepping into their full potential, loving life, sharing their gifts and raising the vibration of this wonderful planet. Your gifts are your gifts to the world, when you nourish yourself in this way you naturally nourish the people around you and the wider world.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

We all know that you can’t give what you don’t have, however what is less apparent is that you can only give what you do have. So it stands to reason that if you are operating from a place of resentment, guilt, anger, low self worth etc. then even with all the best will in the world, you are contributing to the suffering. As the saying goes; the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Even if you are feeling that you are acting on behalf of others and putting their needs first, you can't take yourself out of the equation. The way you feel and your reasons for doing things matter. You are constantly rippling your state of being out into the world and contributing to the collective consciousness. The good news is you can make a huge difference by aligning with what lights you up and operating from that place!

Attending to destructive ways of being is essential if we are to create a world that thrives.

Living in a way that allows our true selves to shine is the way forward to making a difference in this world and every person that puts their own oxygen mask on first is doing the world a huge favour. Taking the time to nourish, rest, be still and listen to the gentle voice of the unfettered you, the one that whispers underneath the people pleaser or the narrative that limits you - the one that encourages you to follow your heart and live an inspired and fulfilling life is extremely valuable work. (It is also fun, interesting and good for your health which is a huge bonus!)

So ask yourself some valuable questions as winter calls you to the fireside.

What do people tend to come to you for? To be heard/cheered up/inspired? What do you naturally do well? What gives you joy, peace and satisfaction?

If you'd like to dive deeper into exploring inspiration and the energy of dreamtime, make sure you check out our January Natures Rhythms Update - The Unfettered You!

Or even better, come and join us on a journey of self discovery inside our membership this winter! Access the latent potential inside you, discover those yet to be explored gifts, talents, ideas and open up to those yet to be seen opportunities.

The doors to our membership platform are now open for 48 hours only!!! This month we are diving deep into the unfettered you to prepare for our 21 Day Manifestation Experiment beginning this January. In this program of 21 short daily practices, we will use embodiment techniques and neural reprogramming practices to cultivate the state of being aligned with your dreams and intentions for 2023 from the roots up!

We also have the fabulous life coach Daisy Bruce leading our monthly guest workshop on ‘What Ignites You’. All within our carefully crafted framework of monthly coaching calls and classes to keep you on track to making 2023 the best one yet! To get access to all of the above and more(!!) join us in our A Handpicked Life membership. We can’t wait to see you inside!

'I am so grateful to Hannah and Lianne for your vision, commitment and intention. I love being part of this community and get so much from it… It feels like something that really helps me to look after myself and I really love Lianne’s teaching, wisdom and kindness. Her heart really shines through. My favourite thing so far has been the 21 day experiments - which have really helped me to carve out a little time for myself each day. It felt like I was meeting a friend every morning and held me accountable to doing something for myself every day. So helpful!' - Lizzie Tarling - A Handpicked Life Member

Wishing you all a truly happy and prosperous 2023!

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