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A window of opportunity

Like most of us I have felt knocked by the world events over the last week. The senselessness of yet another war and all the pointless suffering can easily leave us feeling hopeless and powerless.

What helps me the most in this turbulent and uncertain time is reminding myself that the story isn’t written yet and I, just like everyone else have a part to play in the outcome.

As Margaret Mead the great cultural anthropologist said:

'Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.'

We are not powerless, every thought and feeling we have and every action we take - however small, casts a vote towards the kind of world we want live in. When we are persistent and keep directing our energy where we want it to go we become masters of our own destiny. In the same vain, when we become fixated on where we don’t want to go we become victims of circumstance and contribute to a world we don’t agree with. Knowing this gives me good reason to direct my thoughts and feelings to a more positive state.

We may not have immediate control over world events but we do have control over how we respond to them and when we stay grounded and committed to living in alignment with what we hold dear, no matter what is going on around us, we contribute to creating a better world for everyone.

And there is always support available in the natural cycles and rhythms around us.

Right now in the Northern hemisphere we are approaching the Spring Equinox. Marking the beginning of a season when nature’s force turns from the inward spiral of wintery stillness to the outward spiralling energy of growth and movement. This direct persistent energy relates to the element of wood and represents assertive action.

As we approach the spring equinox this energy is often felt within us as a desire to spring clean our homes, clear clutter and detox our body's. In other words, prepare the ground for the window of opportunity to come. A chance to turn the negative aspect of this force which can be expressed through anger and frustration into assertive action. A time to act on our dreams and ‘just do it’

Of course this stage is also mirrored at any time of the year when we feel ready to act, whether that is moving forward with an idea, putting a new habit into practice or making that step to create a new job/relationship/way of thinking/way of life. However, in the spring season we have extra support as this unstoppable energy is in full swing all around and within us. Sluggish or stagnant energy (whether in our lives or in our body’s) can bring about feelings of frustration and anger as the heaviness contradicts the forward lighter motion that is more dominant. Discomfort can also give us the urge to purge and move on.

Wherever we are in a cycle we can consciously engage and harness an energy that is far greater than us.

So join us in this months Natures Rhythms update as we harness the energy building up to the spring equinox to prepare our mind, body and energetic system for the season and opportunities to come.

This springtime make a choice to create a positive outcome in your own life and the wider world by taking actions that create more joy, love, kindness and positivity. Somehow, somewhere it will make a difference.

Before we sign off we just wanted to let you know we are hosting a half day workshop, Natures Rhythms: Take a deep dive into your potential at The Unity Centre in Lewes on Saturday 19th March 2pm-5pm - (zoom link available). Experience a practical framework that draws on ancient wisdom and natural principles with a unique blend of life coaching and somatic practices such as yoga, movement, energy medicine techniques, and meditation. Learn practical techniques that support you to shed habits that no longer serve you, gain clarity, dream in the new, take assertive action and assimilate to create long-lasting change We would love to see some of your faces! Tickets are £36.00 and are available via The Unity Centre website.

On the 20th March we will be opening the doors to our membership once more! During the spring we will be harnessing the energy of assertive action as a support wherever you are on your life's journey. There will be coaching calls, classes and workshops available to support you on every level. You can find out more here and if you'd like to stay updated, be sure to join our waiting list!

Wishing you all and the world much peace! 🕊☮

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