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Archetypal Tools For Self Orchestration | Somatic Practices & Energy Work - The Missing Link!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

We are all wonderfully unique and complex beings and every single one of us has something to contribute and a part to play in this world. When we start to pay attention and to honour our uniqueness we can work with our energy instead of pushing against ourselves. Creating harmony and flow in our lives, our relationships and in turn, our world!

I have found the study of tools such as astrology, human design, the five elements of the Chinese medicine wheel, Ayurveda and so many more to be some of the most accurate reflections of a persons psyche and fullest potential. They are simply tools for self understanding. Archetypal languages and a roadmap to your personality, your subconscious and your happiness and fulfilment. These languages help you to find self acceptance, empowerment, compassion for yourself and others and the ability to see the value, gifts and meaning in any personality trait, life situation or lesson.

These tools show us the combination of archetypal energy we have more prominently within us. And archetypes have the ability to manifest positively OR negatively, in high vibration manifestations of energy OR low vibration manifestations of energy. When an archetypal energy is balanced, we have access to its traits and gifts at their fullest potential. When it is out of balance, generally this energy doesn't serve us or is an indication that we there is something to pay attention to and to act upon. After all, every strength is a weakness when it is out of balance.

The missing link...

Consciously understanding our unique blueprint is incredibly insightful, however, until we put theory into practice the benefits are few and our potential lies dormant. The missing link is in bridging the gap between consciously understanding something and the practical embodiment of that tool or ideology.

The body and our energy systems are a gateway into our subconscious. When we work with somatic and energy practices we can begin a dialogue with our body and our energy. This enables us to balance how we operate consciously AND subconsciously. Giving us access to our gifts, traits and tendencies at their highest expression.

For example, looking at astrology, if we have particularly strong Aries energy within us, we can consciously understand what that energy looks like in and out of balance. Firey, enthusiastic, driven, brave OR angry, hot headed, impatient, rash, burned out. However, when life gets busy and fast and we are going about our day to day, its hard to consciously notice and control these tendencies. When we work with our body, through somatic and energy practices, we can enhance or balance these energies within ourselves and our subconscious (which is also 95% of our mind!!!).

I used to be overwhelmed by all of these different ideologies and systems. Understanding the wisdom but never fully integrating it into my life. However, when I began a daily practice, taking time each day even for 5 minutes to take a deep breath, to check in with my self, to notice how I was feeling, to reflect on the day prior and day ahead of me, that was when it all began to slot into place. Though somatic and energy practices such as EFT, yoga, meditation, movement, energy techniques and more I learned how to enhance the parts of myself I needed that day. To pay attention to what my body was asking for and what it was guiding me towards and to give myself what I needed. Through letting my body be the compass I found harmony.

In this blog series I will take a deep dive into some of the more widely used tools for self understanding with precisely that lens. Understanding our unique energetic blueprint through different 'languages' AND how we can begin to create a dialogue with our body and energy system to embody our fullest potential. All while making it practical and sustainable. We will look at systems such as Astrology, Human Design, the Five Elements of the Chinese Medicine Wheel, Ayurveda, Yin and Yang and more. These systems are essentially different archetypal languages for the same thing. A description of an energy, a tendency or a personality trait that we experience in ourselves and others. These languages help us to see the value and the beauty in all things and to honour and celebrate our differences. Knowing that they each bring balance and harmony to a whole. Understanding these different systems helps us to explain something in one language, that might not quite fit in another. And to understand the deep complexity of who we are as our whole selves.

I'm beyond excited to begin sharing these life changing tools for self understanding with you all from my unique perspective. Look out for these blogs monthly!

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