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Are Your Loose Ends Tripping You Up?

In our last new Moon meet we were talking about how tying up loose ends can pave the way for things to move forward, changing that broken light bulb, fixing the stiff tap, clearing out that draw, or just making that decision, those niggly things that drain our energy when we think about them and yet we still procrastinate and put them off for 'another day'. We had a first hand experience recently of how those seemingly un-related things can be the key to moving forward:

Our daughter Anousha had been riding a pony she adored for three years and he became available to buy. We have never been horse owners and it was a big and exciting decision to go for it and offer him a home. Once we had made the commitment the waiting began as his previous owners were struggling to find the right replacement for him. After four months and another lockdown meaning we could no longer visit him, we were getting twitchy! It felt important to do something to keep the dream alive and create some motion.

Jyotish and I spent a day tying up loose ends; we made a commitment to the stables we liked the best so his new home was secured and ready, tidied up our filling system, sorted our banking and finally organised our invoices and guess what!!! That very same day we got the call that his previous owners were ready and a week later we went to get him! And here he is happy in his new home with is best mate! And we the most ordered office ever 😌. It's a win win!!

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