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Are Your Loose Ends Tying You Down?

Often when we are feeling blocked or stagnant tying up loose ends can pave the way for things to move forward; changing that broken light bulb, fixing the stiff tap, clearing out that draw, taking that bag to the charity shop, making that dental/hairdresser/opticians appointment, those niggly things that drain our energy whenever we think about them and yet we keep putting them off for 'another day'.

When you find yourself questioning whether you are barking up the wrong tree or if you feel stuck or feel powerless, switching your focus to something you can accomplish easily can be like a breath of fresh air. A small task ticked off that age old to do list can make space for something new to come in, whether that is an idea, an opportunity or simply a boost of energy.

Tying up loose ends can also mean addressing unfinished business that drains you emotionally; that talk you really want to have with your partner/boss/friend, that apology you feel you owe someone, that promise you have made to yourself that you still haven't quite got around to. If your unfinished business involves another completion doesn't always have to involve them, writing a letter that expresses your feelings and then burning it can be equally powerful.

As we are nearing the end of Autumn and heading towards the shortest days of the year tying up loose ends can give you that space to step into winter with a clean slate on which to write the new. So pay attention to those loose ends keep tripping tying you down. Even though they can be seemingly unrelated, they are still in your system and taking up and using valuable space and energy. Experiment with this liberating practice and take inventory of how much it frees up your energy. Keep us posted at and let us know how you get on!

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