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Calling In Synchronicities & Inspired Action

Well, here we are in the first flush of Spring (someone just needs to inform the weather!). Energy is abundant and it is a fine time to harness the unstoppable life force available and assert your own power. As mentioned in our last newsletter, this season clearly demonstrates the stage of any cycle when we are ready for assertive action: The start of a meeting, a project, the day, the commencement of a ceremony, the launch of a business… If, when this stage arrives you have prepared well and have clarity on your direction then this power can surge forward easily and set you into a moving stream.

During this stage it is important to keep charging your batteries and have clear boundaries around your time to rest, nourish and have fun! Strong assertive action is firmly rooted, persistent yet flexible, just like the tree in the storm. When these qualities are aligned, you have the resilience and the energy to persist and be successful with anything you put your energy into.

Being assertive is often confused with being aggressive and pushy, competitive or fighting for your rights. These approaches often leave us depleted and weak overtime as we throw our energy at the (perceived) opposition rather than reserving and nurturing it for ourselves. Our victories can also be short lived as we join the cycle of conquering and being conquered or, being fraught with tension as we continue to fight for our place and keep proving ourselves. When our progress is self assessed and focused on being aligned with our state of fulfilment we have true success and satisfaction that can't be taken away at the next turn of events.

It has really struck me lately how strong and proud the daffodils stand despite the wild winds and rain, opting to display their fierce beauty against all odds. It’s a great reminder that we are at our strongest when we are rooted in ourselves, relaxed and aligned with our values.

Let the potent power of the spring surge into you and enjoy the strength this powerful season offers.

On our membership platform this month we are harnessing this energy by experimenting with synchronicity, a fun and effective way to turn our attention outwards and co-create opportunities we can take action on. As ever somatic practices are key in the process in order to increase awareness and strengthen beliefs there is support out there!

One simple exercise is to write down your request; it could be some information you require, or more social opportunities, your dream home, a new job or an opportunity to make more money etc. Something that will require you to take physical action on.

Once your intention is clear, take time with a somatic practice to create a state of being that believes your request is possible. Allow a willingness to believe that life works for you and that good things come your way. We have created a practice over on our YouTube channel to support you.

The last step is to let go, trust and stay alert to signs/gifts/responses and ACT on them when they come (sometimes they come in ways that you are not expecting, so it is important to let go of the ‘how’).

When we open ourselves up to possibilities and potentials that are already there waiting to be discovered we create more of what we want to experience and, when we feel trusting and supported by life we can stay on track and inspired. So get focused, ready for assertive action and enjoy the process!

In this time of uncertainty and turbulence it is now more important than ever that we leverage our ability to take responsibility for our own lives and effect the world around us in doing so.

If you would like to dive deeper you can check our monthly Natures Rhythms update as we explore the power and benefits of calling in synchronicities and taking inspired action. AND...


If you would like to dive even deeper then come and join us in our membership where we have our latest New Moon Coaching Call in our packed library of resources that will set you up for an adventure in drawing more synchronistic experiences, lots of somatic practices to enhance everything that you do, live events and much more!

We also have lots happening in April here at A Handpicked Life including...

Our live 7 Day Somatic Challenge begins on Monday 18th April over on our Facebook page. Each day we will run a live fifteen minute practice session, which will leave you brighter, more confident, clearer, courageous, more joyful and optimistic. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for more details!

And for you locals... I am offering a 2 hour workshop in Lewes on 16th April, come and join us for ‘A Moment of Calm’ - a deeply relaxing and restorative mini retreat.

May the force of the spring be with you! 🌷

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