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Celebrating The Summer Solstice

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

On Monday 21st June at 4:52am the summer solstice takes place in the northern hemisphere. A powerful time which has always been celebrated in ancient cultures across the world. It is a time where the light from the sun is at its peak and pouring onto the earth. A time of renewal and abundance, love and expansion. A time to celebrate and have gratitude for not only just the sun and the gift of life it gives us, but the spirit and element of fire and light that lives within us all.

Doing something symbolic to honour and mark transitions like this gives us the opportunity to connect more deeply with life. Marking an occasion with ritual and ceremony helps to connect to nature and her cycles, punctuate time and create more meaning in our lives. Without these markers, we can drift through life feeling rootless and miss out on the treasures that the different stages of the cycles have to offer. Whether we are aware or not, ritual and ceremony play an important role in keeping us conscious and honouring the lives we are choosing to live.

Here are a few suggestions to help you to mark the occasion:

  • Create an alter - Place things on there that you love about life, symbols of light and celebration. Acknowledge the abundance of nature with flowers, crystals, food, natural scents etc.

  • Celebrate and give gratitude! - Meditate, write it down, dance about it! All that is abundant and working well for you, the health and wealth you already have.

  • Ignite Your Intentions - At the time of the summer solstice this year, there is a large amount of high frequency light pouring onto the earth. Take some time to set your intentions and let that energy ignite them as you go forward.

  • Keep a fire burning - You can create a big fire to celebrate with friends, bang drums and dance or a small one in the form of a candle or an Altar of Light can be just as potent. If you're an early bird, light it at dawn on the morning of 20th.

  • Practice Our Summer Solstice Class Special - A class including, energy techniques, dance and meditation focusing on the fire element abundance and joy! This is taking place within our A Handpicked Life Membership

We hope you have a wonderful day in celebration!

Happy Summer Solstice!

Love Lianne & Hannah ☀

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