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Choose Wisely, Live Well

Whether we are looking to release stress and anxiety or boost our happiness levels, the journey and the destination is one and the same. When we go into stress, our bodies jump into survival mode and respond as if our lives our in danger. It's the only way we know how to respond after millions of years of evolution. It's been a system that has been hugely successful and that is why we are still here millions of years later. Thanks to evolution we are now living in times where, for the majority, our basic needs are being met and we are safer now than we have ever been.

So why is stress so prevalent in our culture?

Basically, our stress response is outdated; although we no longer need to be on the alert for predators and other dangers our system still responds as if our lives are at stake when we are anxious about a deadline, our computers crash, we are struggling to make dinner and the kids are screaming etc etc. Our daily lives are full of 'false alarms' and when stress hits the first thing that goes out of the window is joy. After all, who cares what the flowers smell like when we are constantly getting the signals from our body that we are in danger!

It is possible to Handpick a life you love?

Well, now for the good news: Underneath our stress is an energy that loves life more than anything! An energy that wants you to thrive, follow your bliss and allow more fun, curiosity, playfulness.

It is easier than you may think to bring this energy to the forefront and, with regular practice, it is possible to hardwire a different default setting. A default setting that allows you a pause before you go into automatic pilot and release cortisol - that stress hormone that is responsible for so much disease and disorder in our bodies and our lives. A default setting that sees the glass half full and the the funny side of life. And above all else a default setting which prioritises joy, your wellbeing and staying connected to life and all the good it has to offer.

Whatever we practice we get really good at! Whether that is being irritable, patient, angry, clam, judgemental or loving. The more we practice the better at it we become. In time, what we practice becomes part of our personality and our personal reality. When we consciously create and practice a new default setting of joy, freedom and contentment, when we experience the inevitable curve balls life will throw at us we bounce back quicker. We stay healthier and loyal to our commitment to be enthusiastic about life!

A Handpicked Life membership platform offers ways to develop habits that serve well, stay on track and make wise choices that not only serve you the world around you. Through twice weekly classes, guest speakers, monthly New Moon meets, talks, a private social media platform and a whole library of replays so you can choose whether to join us live or create your own programme. Content people are naturally more generous, tolerant and kind. We are committed to raising the vibration of this planet one person at a time.

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