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Cultivate Balance In Your Energy Centres And Support Your Handpicked Life - Root to Solar Plexus ✨

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

The fast pace and constant action that is perpetuated by our culture's value of achievement over happiness and peace is cranking up as restrictions ease. Life is getting busier and louder and the stresses of modern day life can often leave us feeling devoid of meaning and purpose. In my work I hear people say over and over that they wish they had more time to enjoy life. Contentment can become something that has to be earned and it is easy to let life become something we are getting through rather than really living. "If I can just get through today/this week/ to life..."

Viewing life through the lens of our energy centres can help us to use our energy in a way that makes us feel more alive. To be more curious and aware and to keep us on the track of living our lives how we truly want to live them. As I have mentioned in previous blogs these energy centres are located in our physical bodies and have been recognised in cultures across the globe for thousands of years. These spinning vortexes of energy are as real as the blood in our veins, they hold keys to experiencing life at deeper levels, vibrant health and much more.

As well as being responsible for certain areas of the physical body the energy centres represent different aspects and qualities of life. Understanding the codes and wisdom that have been passed down for centuries and using simple somatic practices to embody the potential available to us can deepen our experience of life, and offer very practical ways to problem solve, be healthier, more fulfilled and give our lives meaning and purpose.

Lets take a look at the three lower energy centres that relate more to the physical aspects of being human. We will explore the archetypes of each centre, tap in with some journal prompts and begin to cultivate balance with a somatic practice.

With the journal prompts: Read the prompt associated with each energy centre, set a timer and take 15 minutes to do some free flow writing. In other words hand over the prompt to your pen and just write without censoring anything! Once the timer goes off read back over what you have written with a highlighter pen and highlight what is useful to you. What insights did you have? What sparks your interest and curiosity? Are there any actions you can take to enhance your experience of this energy centre?

With the somatic practices: Put them into practice regularly, add them to your daily practice or simply do them while the kettle is boiling. Practice tuning in and cultivating balance.

The Root/ Base Chakra

This centre relates to our basic needs being met, having a roof over our heads, enough to eat, enough money provide. It is also the energy centre that says yes to life! It grounds us and gives us a sense of belonging. This energy centre needs us to feel safe, have connection with family and feel part of a community in order to function to it's full potential.

Journal Prompt: What do you need to feel safe & secure in your life and to ensure all of your basic needs are being met?

The Sacral Chakra

This centre relates to our one-on-one relationships. It is also the seat of our creativity and it has a playful innocence we experience when we are in the flow or, as some athletes call it, in the zone. It encourages us to be curious, explore and experiment with life it has an energy of joy, freedom and wonder.

Journal Prompt: What do you desire from life? Where can you be more creative and energetic?

The Solar Plexus

This is about our sense of self, rules regulations, structure. The very opposite of the sacral. Our ego resides here our relationship with ourselves. Knowing where we finish and others start its our centre of will

Journal Prompt: When do you feel empowered and confident in your life?

Looking through the different lenses that these centres offer can give us a different perspective on any situation and remind us of a deeper meaning and purpose. Why just get through your life when there can be a mystery to be explored in every moment? Life is meant to be rich and fulling and the nuts and bolts that give us structure can be empowering and enjoyable.

Tap in and feel the difference for yourself! ✨

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