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Dive Deep Into Your Potential

At this time of the year, for thousands of years Halloween-like traditions have been celebrated in cultures across the globe: The Day of the Dead in Mexico, Samhain - the Celtic & Pagan tradition, Pangangaluluwla in the Philippines, Piru Paksha in India, Dzian Zaduszny in Poland to name but a few! Within these celebrations the common thread seems to be, it is a time when the veil between the world of spirit and matter grows thinner. A time to honour the mystery of life as it gives way to death to make way for rebirth. Stories are told about our connection with the spirit world and how in honouring our ancestors and the journeys they made before us we are reminded that we are not alone. We are forever connected to a lineage that we have a place in. It is a reminder that each stage of life has purpose and meaning. Death represents endings and is an inevitable part of life as it moves in ever spiraling cycles. There is a time to let go with grace and ease and move on with the gift experience gives us, a time for courage, honesty and action. To do what is necessary to upgrade ourselves and contribute to a better world.

We don't always have to make sense of the past in order to move on and sometimes insights come after we have followed the call and made the changes. When we follow our hearts and make the shifts necessary to upgrade ourselves and take responsibility for the quality of person we are, we get in touch with our true nature. Our true nature is co-operative, fair, kind, wise and compassionate. The qualities we need right now to connect to each other through our commonalities, enjoy a sense of belonging and create a world where we thrive.

We can spend years making excuses as to why we can't let go, we can tell ourselves we are too old, too ill, too late, too busy, not intelligent or strong enough. All these excuses amount to suffering as they cause us to live dimmed downed versions of ourselves.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."Anais Nin

It’s time for us to sharpen our awareness of the stories we are creating as we go about our daily business. Stories that not only effect ourselves, but also the generations to come.

What could you let go of now that will give space for you to thrive or unleash a yet to be explored potential? What future story are you creating right now? What do you tell yourself about what is possible, or who you are, why you are here or why you are the way you are? As Mary Oliver's beautifully crafted question asks:

“What is it you will choose to do with your one wild and precious life”?

What stories will take you deeper into thriving as you enter the dreamtime of the winter? What are you done with? What disempowers you? What are you done with thinking and feeling, saying and doing, believing and acting out? What will you let go of this autumn? What kind of a world do you want to contribute to?

As you ponder these questions remember that judgment, reprimanding, blaming or shaming only create more of the same. Instead, ask these questions with a sense of curiosity and excitement; what else is possible? Maybe journal for a while, choose a question and then free write for several minutes and see what comes up. In searching for answers; drop into the peace and wisdom that is always at the core of you. A regular practice where we are present, fully inhabiting our bodies with a sense of trust will support in shedding the things that get in the way of you living a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life. Practices such as yoga, qi gong, meditation, silent walking, focused dancing have been used for thousands of years to help us to connect to our potential and true essence of peace, compassion and kindness. In the turbulence of life and all it's challenges there is consistency and stillness available to us that only requires a regular yet often surprisingly small amount of time to cultivate.

Join us this month in our November Natures Rhythms Update as we tune into the powerful transformational energy of the Autumn that is supporting us in shedding and letting go. In this cyclical energy update we look at diving deep and how to get into the body and subconscious to release, let go and create change from the roots up.

This month, we have a fifteen minute somatic practice of EFT on how to stop self sabotage. EFT is a powerful somatic practice which allows us to reprogram automatic, subconscious behaviours. This session is a fantastic tool to work with throughout the month to harness the powerful and transformational energy of the autumn season.

Lets take the support available and make the changes that serve ourselves and our precious world and move into a time that is fairer, kinder, and in harmony and balance with nature.

Wishing you a transformational November! 🍂

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