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Embrace the Power of Happiness: Cultivating Resilience with The Radiant Circuits 🌻

Happy July!

Amidst the chaos and challenges that surround us—rising mortgage rates, soaring rents, apprehension around the future of AI, wars raging, the prevalence of mental health issues - a world seemingly spiralling out of control, let's talk about developing the habit of being happy.

What? I hear you say as you roll your eyes and consider unsubscribing - Because happiness is the key that unlocks a treasure trove of virtues: tolerance, generosity, adaptability, innovation, compassion, and wise leadership. It's the spark that ignites your soul, propelling you to be the cooperative, respectful, empowered and kind-hearted human you are designed to be. If we are to reclaim our destiny and pave the way for a brighter future, it is time to reconnect with our true nature.

Worry, fear, and anxiety are shadows that cloud your judgement and hinder your potential. They imprison you within stagnant routines, preventing fresh perspectives and hindering access to life changing ideas. They also ravage your well-being, deplete your immune system and rob you of your youthful glow and impeccable style. Aha, now I have your attention! 😊

Happiness is the bedrock of our health and well being and essential for the success of creating the kind of world the majority of us want to live in.

If you want to build your resilience, strengthen your resolve, stay connected to what really matters and stand by what you believe in then it’s time to awaken a potent force that lies within us:

The Radiant Circuits (also known as Joy Generators, Glad Glows and Extraordinary Vessels) are a system of energy that lies within each and everyone of us. They have been well documented in ancient clinical literatures and acknowledged in many healing practices such as qi gong, shiatsu, acupuncture, shin do.

They are the expansive energy you experience from the exhilaration of love, the euphoria of good news, the awe-inspiring beauty of a sunset, the transcendent melodies of music, the sudden rush of elation, the release of orgasmic bliss, and the profound gratitude that fills our hearts. They represent the essence of your wholeness, your vibrancy, and your authentic self—a force so potent that it can illuminate your life with peace, contentment and trust, no matter what is going on around you.

By using somatic practices and focused exercises, you can cultivate happiness as a skill that enables you to navigate challenges with resilience, connect with what truly matters, and stand firm in your beliefs.

So this month we invite you to embrace this invitation to live a life handpicked with joy and embark on an expedition of self-discovery.

Join us in our usual monthly content of our natures rhythms update on making happiness a habit, and in our monthly practice on activating the radiant circuits. And,if you want to dive even deeper we are hosting a free webinar on 13th July The Happy Habit: Mastering the Art of Lasting Happiness (replay will be available!) In this webinar, we will dive deeper into the principles of making happiness a habit. Discover powerful techniques to infuse your daily life with more joy. Through a combination of mindfulness, somatic techniques, and the exploration of radiant circuits, the energy meridians responsible for governing joy, you will begin laying an unshakable foundation of happiness at a subconscious level.

Stay happy! 🌻💞

All our love,

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