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Grounding In & Embodying Change - Handpicking Your Life Component 3 ✨

Have you ever set an intention to change a habit, belief or behaviour that holds you back but found yourself, yet again back in the same old pattern?

The issue with intellectualising the change you want to make and using willpower to implement it is that you have your mind on board but your body has been left behind on the platform. It is now widely accepted that our mind and body are not separate. Our thoughts and behaviours influence what happens in our bodies and in turn our body influences our thoughts and behaviours. In order to help you with the problems of the mind, it’s equally important to work with and through your body. We can access our subconscious through the body and create change in a sustainable way.

Check out our video Grounding In & Embodying Change for a small taster of our third and final component to Handpicking your life.

Want to dive even deeper? Make sure you sign up for our free workshop Tapping Into Nature's Rhythms - The Season of Letting Go & Transformation on Tuesday 21st September @ 7:30pm. Learn more on the power of tapping into the archetypes of our natural cycles with practical tools to gain clarity and embody your Handpicked Life! Gain a practical takeaway routine for you to implement so you can embody the essence of your dreams.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain clear and actionable steps to Handpicking your life! Sign up here. And yes, there is a replay!

See you in the workshop 🤗

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