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Harnessing The Energy Of Summer - The Fire Element 🌻

There is undoubtedly an energy that accompanies longer days and warmer weather, a feeling of wanting to make the most of life, be out and about and do things!. The element of fire is associated with this time of year and fire is about celebration, joy and abundance. It is a time when expansion is supported and with this natural energy around it is easy to go the extra mile, expand professional or personal projects/relationships/hobbies and interests or start new ones.

If you are in alignment with this energy then summer can make it easy to stay on track with living a life that is fulfilling and joyful. However, if you are out of alignment summer time can feel pressured and overwhelming. We can respond by feeling stuck, unable to get things going or we can get 'busy busy busy!' Pushing ourselves to the limit, saying yes to every opportunity and eventually burning ourselves out. As each phase of a cycle feeds the next, by the time we arrive at Autumn we can find ourselves way off the beaten track wondering what the hell happened and scrambling to find some balance in our lives.

As fire element governs the heart and Triple Warmer energy system and the triple warmer is closely linked to our adrenals, it is no coincidence that there are more panic attacks, heart palpitations, adrenal fatigue and burnout in the summer than any other time of year. Understanding the force of energy that comes along with summer can help us to stay aware of our needs so we can enjoy the abundance that is on offer by directing it in a way that is sustainable to us. We are nature and nature moves in cycles. When we go with this energy we can find ease and flow and be able to respond when we go off kilter. Cultivating a sense of awareness helps us to make the most of our lives, keeping us vibrant, healthy and on track rather than experiencing fits and starts and having to back track in order to to make sense of where we have ended up!

We can learn to stay attuned to the many cycles and tap into a natural intelligence that supports life. Natural rhythm's honour rest and renewal as well as action and exertion, and balance does not mean all things in equal amounts. When we develop an awareness and understanding of these patterns we can learn how to direct our energy with simple tools and somatic practices. Depending on the time of the day/the year/ where you are in your life even a fifteen minute practice can serve to replenish you at the end of a long day. Sometimes it may take longer, but with consistency and practice you soon build a foundation of awareness and a tool kit you can turn to, to cultivate balance and have more access to the ease, flow and joy that will help you to create a handpicked lives with ease.

Working with somatic practices is a powerful way to really tap into the energy of the season and support your system throughout the summer months. Check out our summer energy exercise: Support Your Energy This Summer - Adrenal Glands. A quick, simple exercise you can incorporate into your daily practice (or do while the kettle is boiling) to support your energetic system so you can make the most of these wonderful endless summer days. Put this into practice and feel the difference for yourself!

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