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Let the Solstice fuel your Christmas... and the coming year!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Seasons greetings everyone!

We wish you all lots of joy and peace over this festive time. As the wheel of the year turns in this time of huge change and uncertainty it is good to be reminded of the constant support at hand when we harness the natural rhythms and energy available to us at this time. Doing so can help us to stay centred and thriving through the winter months and beyond.

The Winter Solstice is one of the worlds oldest celebrations and is still marked by many people across the globe. It occurs when either of Earth's poles reaches its maximum tilt away from the sun creating the shortest day of the year. This year, in the Northern hemisphere, it falls on the 21st December. It is after this point of stillness that the days slowly start to get longer. For this reason, different cultures around the world see it as a type of rebirth and a powerful new beginning. It is the end of Autumn; the season of reflection and letting go and the beginning of winter; a time of stillness and magic. The winter is a wonderful time to dream, get focused, nourish and feed our bodies and aspirations for the coming year. Nature is going into a state of deep rest, renewal and nourishment. Animals that hibernate are popping on their pyjamas (not really) and snuggling down. All is going quiet.

The acknowledgement of this natural activity is a great way to help us keep our energies balanced as we hurtle towards what for many of us is our biggest holiday of the year. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there is no denying the rise in energy that comes with it. The collective expectation is palpable, the explosion of colour, glitter and all things bright and sparkly defy anyone not to notice that Christmas is well and truly in full swing and the message to shop, party and be merry is loud and clear!

Whether we do it with gusto, ignore it, quietly see it all through or are somewhere in between, remembering that we are nature and, that when we keep a connection with her ebbs and flows, it helps us to keep the natural yin (cool, calm, dark) energy in balance with the yang (hot, energetic, bright) energy that our culture creates at this time.

Walks in nature, gentle yoga, energy techniques, meditation or quiet breathing each day will help us to cultivate balance and remind us of the potential inside us. Potential that requires nourishment in order to support our immunity keep our energies topped up and help us to thrive through the darkest time of the year.

Marking the winter solstice is a powerful way to set intentions as to how we will support ourselves to thrive through winter months and the year to come. There are many traditional ways to do this that are easily researched or we can create our own: Simply lighting a candle on the 21st December, climbing a hill to watch the sunrise, sharing a feast with family or friends, dancing, singing, meditating. It is our intention behind what we do that gives meaning, purpose and a sense of fulfilment to how we choose to live our lives.

In winter we enter a time that supports our potential to dream big and direct our energy into creation. Everything that has ever been created started as a thought, a dream, a tiny 'what if'. Winter energy supports a time of dreaming and planting the seeds of potential.

The story isn't written yet and we all have the power to dream and create a life that is rich and fulfilling and a world that is loving, kind and compassionate. Let's make it happen together.

Throughout the Autumn, in our membership and in our natures rhythms updates, we have spent time peeling back the layers and letting go. As we near the end of this powerful season, a time of reflection, now is a great time to harness the last of that powerful energy and get really clear before we begin to set those new intentions for 2022. What is it that truly lights you up? What sets your soul on fire? What is it that drives you? Join us in our Natures Rhythms December update for a beautiful session to really align with this and let it be your compass as we move towards the solstice and begin to dream in your truly authentic and fulfilling 2022.

P.S. Just a heads up! If you enjoy our updates and you would like to go deeper with us as we journey around the wheel again in 2022, the doors of our membership will be opening for just 5 days at the beginning of January, kicking off with our free workshop Dream Big & Nourish - A Different Kind of New Years Resolution. Join us for monthly workshops, twice weekly classes and our online community as we align the mind and body and build a foundation for our wellbeing with our unique blend of life coaching and somatic practice. An ongoing supportive framework that keeps you on track to living a life you love. Be sure to sign up to the workshop or our waiting list to stay updated.

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