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Letting Go of Those Old Habits For Good! - The Stress Response

Right now we are in the middle of the autumn season, a time when we are energetically supported to let go of what no longer serves us. Whether that be old habits, beliefs and behaviours that hold us back, un-expressed emotions or material things that clutter up the spaces we inhabit. Reflecting and getting clear can leave us feeling inspired for the next step - to release what is old and redundant. Unfortunately, this is often the stage where we make a U turn. We can start to make excuses like 'I'll start tomorrow/next week/next year', get caught in the prep stage or we loose the enthusiasm we had to begin with, getting bored and sometimes simple forgetting why we set out to do this in the first place.

Ever wondered why even when we can start out with the best intentions and a strong enthusiasm to see something through we often find ourselves back in the same old pattern again and again? Well, there is a logic behind our strange behaviours:

Our need to survive will always take precedent, which means we are naturally suspicious of change, we are hard wired to stick with what we know even if what we know doesn't make us happy or healthy. Unless we are in a relaxed and receptive state the moment we start to think, feel or behave in new ways suspicion arises, kicks in our stress response and we go to great lengths (excuses, lethargy, boredom) to get back to the familiar. Even if the familiar isn't creating happiness or good health.

Our fast paced world requires us to be constantly one step ahead, when we are not present the subconscious is running the show. Our subconscious lives in the past and it puts us on auto pilot. Before we know it, we have lived another week/month/year having the same thoughts, acting out the same behaviours making the same choices....when our intentions were to do things differently.

Addiction to certain emotions can also keep us stuck even uncomfortable, feelings such as rage, frustration and irritation become comfortingly familiar and we look to create scenarios that allow us to get our 'fix'.

However, we can learn to recognise these pit falls either avoiding or changing our stress response so we have more peaceful and healthier options available. When we feel safe we are able to make different choices and see them through.

Using simple techniques to help us to create the optimum conditions for change we can stop affirming the behaviours that create unhappy cycles in our lives. When we stop feeding something it simply withers away so there is no fight or struggle so it is easier to make new choices that support our dreams and aspirations.

Join us in this months natures rhythms update below as we tap into the cyclical energy of the seasons with a short talk, life coaching exercise and somatic practice. Get clear on how to notice your own stress response and learn how to soothe it and come back to your centre with a simple daily exercise. Helping you to make new, healthy choices!

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