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Resolve To Do Nothing - Dream Big & Nourish ❄

A very Happy Christmas and almost New Year to you all!

As always, at the beginning of any year there is a collective feeling of starting afresh. Advertising and media are now full of encouragement for us to 'spring into action' with new regimes, new diets, new life, new you! All the things that get us off the starting blocks and busy moving forward. Whenever we experience this prod of encouragement it’s good to remind ourselves that we are in the depths of winter, a time for reflection and stillness, when energy is quiet and resources are few. If we follow nature at this time and regularly create time to turn our focus inward and nourish ourselves it will serve us throughout 2022.

The clue in the prompt to spring into action is in the 'spring'... best wait until then, when the season is supporting new growth and glorious bursts of fresh life force! Although there are no absolutes, and following your own unique flow is the most important thing, being aware of what the season has to offer is a smart way to plug into the natural rhythms that effect us whether we acknowledge them or not. Right now, the darkest time of the year is much more equipped to support us in gaining clarity and setting intentions… a time to dream big and nourish those dreams so they have strong sustainable roots.

You can harness the deep magical energy that is available right now by making resolutions resolutions that will nourish your mind and body and sustain you throughout the year:

  • Build self trust by only making promises to yourself that you know you will keep

  • Focus on things that are enjoyable and nurturing however small

  • Find delicious healthy alternatives in your diet rather than giving up the ‘bad’ stuff

  • Explore new ways of exercising that feel fun and satisfying

  • Make time for rest and renewal – gentle walks, long baths, ten minute lying down with your feet up

  • Create a 'feel good' list and choose one to do either weekly or daily

We have a natural desire for joy and fulfilment so focusing on what we want rather than abstaining, avoiding or forcing ourselves is a far more sustainable and realistic way of succeeding in creating a habit we prefer.

With the so many unknowns in the outer world building a rich inner world, a feeling of trust and safety inside ourselves is more important than ever. And knowing that our thoughts, feelings and expectations are key to creating our lives and the world we want to live in can be way to find the strength and resilience to stay positive and on track.

The story isn't written yet and we all have the power to dream and create a life that is rich and fulfilling and a world that is loving, kind and compassionate. Let's make it happen together.

As a Christmas gift to you and a big thank you for all of your support and encouragement over the last year, we have created a new years intention setting exercise to help you to dream big and deeply nourish your self. We can't tell you how much your support means to us so THANKYOU!

The Gift of Gaining More by Doing Less (1)
Download PDF • 302KB

Before we dive into our slightly early January Natures Rhythms Update, we have a few announcements:

If you'd like to dive deeper with this topic then join our FREE workshop on 3rd January Dream Big & Nourish. Start your year off by giving your dreams and resolutions staying power with a beautiful session that blends our integrative, mind-body approach to life and wellbeing coaching. Join us as we learn how to harness the true power and magic the winter season has to offer to make 2022 the year you want it to be.

Our Membership is Opening!

This workshop is also the event that will open the doors to our A Handpicked Life Membership for just five days before we close down and journey through the winter season together. Our unique blend of life coaching with somatic practices in an ongoing, accessible and supportive framework keeps you on track and on purpose as you navigate the path that supports your handpicked life! Check out the website for more info and join our waiting list to stay updated when the doors open again.

But for now, join us in our natures rhythms update as we explore the true power of dreamtime and how we can work with this energy to make 2022 the year we want it to be! Including a short talk, life coaching exercise and somatic practice. Get clear on what action or change you want to make in your life and align your mind and your body with this simple daily practice.

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