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Staying aligned with your values & taking action | April Natures Rhythms Update

Often, when taking action to create a happy and fulfilling life and the world we want to see, staying aligned with your highest values and what truly drives you often falls by the way side. With all of the turbulence in our world right now and the pace of nature and the energy around us picking up speed, it can be all too easy to get knocked off course. To go charging head on down the wrong path fuelled by the energy of the season and all of your should's, have to's and got to's. Leading us to feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed and out of alignment with what inspires us.

In our April Natures Rhythms update, we dive into the energy of spring and taking assertive action. In this session we take a look at a practice that will help you to stay centred and grounded over the coming months. To stay aligned with your values and beliefs and what truly matters to you as an authentic individual and to let that be your fuel in taking action in a sustainable and joyful way!

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