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The Next Step

Making an intention to bring something into our lives puts a call out into the ethers and begins to draw to us the opportunity to actualise our dreams, whether it be a project, that book you want to write, the business you dream of creating or simply to have more fun or chill out time. The key to to creating often lies listening to the whispers and acting on the guidance.

Life is not a linear process and it is often the case that in order to get from A to B you first have to go to Z. Being hard focused on a certain goal we can often dismiss the help that comes our way as it seems irrelevant or unconnected to what we are trying to achieve. Pay attention to those prompts to 'do something' it may be to call that old friend or clear out that draw or to spend a day at a spa, take the plunge and adopt that pet. Obviously, these can also be ways of procrastinating and it is also important to learn differentiate between the two.

However, the more you begin to recognise and pay attention to that wise voice that gently guides you to where you want to get to, the stronger your intuition becomes. You may notice when that, that seemingly irrelevant step freed up the energy you needed or led you to exactly the right piece of information. In other words; take the step you are being given and then the next one will appear.

Intuition is a skill that anybody can develop. With curiosity and a willingness to experiment, life can flow much easier, in ways that are more joyful and free.

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