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The Power of a Notebook and Journal

I have used a journal on and off for as long as I can remember, a place to do drain my worries and fears, vent my anger, get clear on what I want to let go of and what I want to put in its place. To record happy moments and remind myself of what I am grateful for. I write poetry, draw patterns and pictures, make gratitude lists, set goals as well as simply writing. I have always found it useful to read over my journal every now and then and highlight where I am moaning about stuff without doing anything about it as well as what is working for me. It has always been apparent that whatever I re-read I re-live, whether it is anger, love, jealously, gratitude, fear or happiness. It can often be a rollercoaster ride!

Of course, just like repetitive thoughts re reading is reprogramming and, although it is helpful to see what is creating unhappiness, boredom or keeping me in a rut it is also important not to keep reinforcing negative thoughts, feelings and experiences. With this in mind I decided to separate negative and positive entries by using a notebook to explore the negative and a journal to record and re-affirm the positive. I have found this to be an incredibly effective way to shift patterns that are not serving me and keep affirming the choices that are in line with a life I want to live.

The notebook and journal are a wonderful way to explore and affirm as you craft a life that is healthy and happy and we use many different notebook and journal excises of our 'A Handpicked Life' membership as well as in our Foundation Course.

Below is a brief description to get you started and an invitation to adopt this practice for yourself. We would love to hear your feedback on how you find it!

Your Notebook.

This is where you acknowledge fears, anger, attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve you, explore the past and gain a better understanding of what keeps you from moving forward. A place to explore and get clear so you can move on. Be honest, without judging yourself, just tell it like it is. This is not a place to dwell, once its on the page ask yourself what it is you want to feel/experience/see/think. It is important to acknowledge and feel these feelings and it maybe that you find a therapist to help you, however, it is important at some point that this becomes the 'old you' and you make a commitment to form new habits and behaviours that create new experiences. It maybe be that you choose to create a ritual and burn this book at some point when you are truly ready to let go.

Your Journal

Where you affirm the new you. A place to celebrate your progress, helping you to stay focused on what you want to create. Where you can practice using language that is positive and uplifting. Building on feelings of gratitude and using affirmations and reminding you what is possible as you record moments of catharsis. Your journal will be written in the present tense affirming your choices whilst you consciously create the present and your future. Read you journal back often and if you feel uplifted then you are on the right track! Enjoy living in a body that feels spacious, happy and expects the best and create a life you love!

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