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The Power of Cultivating Heart Coherence ❤️‍🔥

As the end of summer approaches, it brings with it the sense of returning to school, not just in the literal sense as a new academic term begins, but also as a time of gently shifting gears—a period of harvest, reflection, and preparation for a shift in focus. It's a season of decision-making, where we contemplate what is to be reaped, what needs to be released, and what can be transformed. This transitional phase can be incredibly inspiring and transformative when we connect with our hearts. Our hearts hold a profound wisdom that can guide us through this season of change and growth. Often underestimated, your heart is a powerful messenger to both your brain and nervous system. It holds a reservoir of wisdom that stays connected to your deepest aspirations and stands steadfast when fears are unwarranted. In the field of neuro cardiology the heart is now considered a functional brain as it has been shown to possess its own neural network, emotions, long and short-term memory and has neuroplasticity. In essence, the heart is an intelligent organ that has the capability to learn, reorganise information, and adapt to change. But that's not all; Its electromagnetic field surpasses the brain's by an astounding five thousandfold. In other words, your heart is the powerhouse of your being!! The institute of HeartMath stands at the forefront of pioneering research into the power of the heart. Their research shows the transformative effects of tapping into the potential of the heart through heart coherence—a state where our heart, brain, and emotions operate in exquisite harmony. The benefits are not just ethereal; they are both palpable and measurable. Heart coherence is a somatic practice that offers many benefits including increased feelings of joy, peace and love as well as improved coordination, clearer thinking, better decision making and overall improvement with physical performance. By simply focusing on your heart and beginning to breathe deeply and steadily you are already beginning to create a coherent state. However it is the emotion you are feeling that adds the key ingredient. Creating either a state of harmony and balance or a discordance. Feelings of love, peace, satisfaction, joy, contentment, appreciation and compassion contribute to a coherent state, whereas anger, rage, irritation, and sadness creates an incoherent state. The most beneficial thing is, as heart coherence is governed by the health of your heart variability it is achievable regardless of your heart rate. This means it is attainable In situations where a high state of alertness is required for example, when running a business, performing sports, working towards a deadline, living life at a fast pace. Heart coherence allows your heart to lead the way in interpreting the external world which helps you choose your actions wisely as you remain connected to your intuition and logic. The key in all of this is your somatic experience - your emotional state determines how your heart conducts the rest of the body and your state of being governs our level of happiness and fulfilment in life. Heart variability is measured by the space between heartbeats. Your heart doesn’t beat like a metronome, the rhythm of it varies as your emotional state changes, showing the heart to be an intelligent, responsive organ orchestrating your body according to how you are feeling. Electrocardiograms show that individual emotions create different rhythms. In fact, a person's emotional state can be predicted with up to 75% accuracy through a heart variability reading. Your heart listens deeply and responds to every nuance in your emotional state. When we consciously create heart coherence through positive feelings, deep breathing and drawing our focus to our hearts we have access to our full potential. Furthermore, studies show that when we are in a coherent state we help others to regulate. Your emotions don’t stay inside you, they resonate through your electro magnetic field and can be detected in the field of another. As we all both broadcast and receive we are constantly impacting each other through our emotional state. Simply be being we impact our environment. You are powerful beyond belief If you'd like to dive deeper into working with Heart Coherence, we have created our Cultivating Heart Coherence bundle. Join us to unlock the potential of heart coherence for better decision making, mental clarity and much more! In this bundle you will gain access to:

  • A coaching call from our membership where you will learn what heart coherence is, the benefits and how to cultivate it

  • Journal prompts which support you in gaining clarity, staying on track, reaping the benefits and being consistent with your practice

  • A library of 7 practices of meditation, eft, movement and yoga which support you in cultivating heart coherence, making a coherent state habitual and easy to access, and practicing how to apply heart coherence to your life

We can't wait to see you inside. Wishing you all an abundant September. ❤️‍🔥

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