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Unfinished Business & Loose Ends

Autumn is almost complete, the season of letting go is in the final stages of releasing that which has bloomed and passed in order to allow fresh life to thrive. The energy of these last weeks of Autumn hold the potential for you to follow nature, acknowledge the stuff that holds you back and either reach a completion or take the opportunity to step towards lightening your load. Releasing energetic and emotional ties free us up to live in the present and open to exploring our potential, whereas unfinished business keeps us in the past.

Unfinished business lies in those uncomfortable feelings that we often grow accustomed to and accept as normal, the heaviness/guilt/shame/resentment we feel at the mention of certain things or when particular memories or situations arise, those irritable feelings that encourage you to avoid/ withdraw/ attack, anything other than facing the issue. The stuff that allows fear and separation to drive you into habits that take you away from living a vibrant, healthy and compassionate life.

This is the learned stuff that has no place in the wild, free spirit that sits at the core of you.

The act of acknowledging an issue can be enough to bring it out of the shadows and begin the process of release. I love that often in mythology when the hero/heroine turns to face the demon it immediately shrinks in size. This potent act causes it to no longer be the unknown, hiding under the bed waiting to attack. Out in the open it isn’t so scary. The wisdom in mythology reminds us that it is the resistance to facing the demon that causes us the most pain and discomfort, the fear of the feeling is more often than not, far worse than the actual issue. Outing the shadow can be a huge step on the journey towards letting go and shrinking the problem to a manageable size. The moment you admit to yourself that this isn’t working anymore, this jealousy/resentment/anger has no place in your plans for yourself in the future you have stepped over a threshold. At this point I would like to stress that it is advisable to work with a professional if you are dealing with issues that cause you distress and overwhelm.

So this last trimester is a powerful time to address your unfinished business. As energy moves in spirals, this may be a time to let go completely, move to a deeper understanding or gain a higher perspective. Wherever you are with an issue the opportunity to keep things moving towards a more expansive existence is stronger than ever at this time of the year.

Alongside the larger issues are also those loose ends that never seem to get tied up! Those little jobs we never get around to, they stay on the to do list and in the back of our minds and act like a slow drip tap on our energy. You know that feeling; every time you remember that button that needs sewing on, the accounts that need checking, the phone call to the mortgage advisor, the unmade dental appointment. Etc. etc. etc…

This may all sound a bit like hard work, however the benefits are many: As you free up your life force you can put an end to procrastination, open up to possibilities yet unseen, tap into your potential and explore that free, unfettered spirit that is your true self!

To take this deeper, make sure you check out our December Nature's Rhythms Update - Unfinished Business & Loose Ends. Then, below we have shared the weekly journal prompt from our membership to help you get clearer on what unfinished business is weighing you down.


Write a list of all of those smaller things that you have been meaning to do and commit to doing them. Even if it's just one small thing per day. And include any things you can do to make your life easier, things that subconsciously drain your energy. For example: finish your taxes, clear out that drawer, clean your car, set up that direct debit, buy an extra charger, replace those lightbulbs etc.

Next, write a list of any emotionally charged past situations/ relationships that are still present in your life/ thoughts now. They could be accompanied by feelings such as regret, guilt, shame, resentment etc. if your list is big, pick one or two to work with. Then write an intention to make peace with these and then use a somatic practice (linked below) or take an action to release, let go and reach completion.

You may find reaching completion simply requires making that phone call or apology, writing that letter (you may not even feel the need to send it), creating a ritual to cut ties, having that long overdue conversation, or simply confessing to a friend. Somatic practices used with a clear intention such as yoga, meditation, mindful movement and tapping, as ever, will be a huge help in shifting these old patterns into healthier, happier and most certainly lighter ways of being. We will be taking this deeper within our membership this month with a course of powerful releasing somatic practices and a sound healing workshop, cleansing your energy and working with the deepest parts of your subconscious. If you’re not a member and you’d like to have an experience of this, this month's supportive somatic practice, Stepping Over The Threshold of Change, is a powerful tool to support you on this journey.

Dealing with your unfinished business creates space for you to explore your potential and be in touch with what ignites you at your very core. You thrive on every level when you live in alignment with what lights you up thus benefiting yourself and the wider world. And to put you in touch with this, we have just finished planning our winter quarter and a powerful journey of self discovery which draws on the wisdom of the magical dreamtime season. Keep your eyes peeled for a very special offer coming soon!

Wishing you a magical Christmas season!

All our love,

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