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Ancient Wisdom in a Modern World

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The wisdom of ancient practices that call us to make time to connect to our bodies, breathe deeply and put our minds in the moment, are now more necessary than ever before. With the pace of our modern day lives and the stress and uncertainty of these times, it is all too easy to ignore our need for balance. We can become accustomed to ignoring our stress levels that can manifest in many different ways; fatigue, depressions, lethargy discomfort and even pain. We can live life just getting to through... to Christmas/half term/that holiday or deadline, the end of COVID, without stopping to reflect on how we are living or who we are becoming.

With constant stimulation from press and social media we can often loose track of how we feel and what truly gives us joy and brings us peace. Stress is our survival mode and when stress rules, we tend to stay with what we know, even if staying with what we know is not a happy place to be. Just like the bear who is set free after years of confinement and, instead of running free, chooses to stay in the same limited space exactly the same size as its former cage, we too get into habits that restrict us even when we have the choice to be free.

Whether we move, hold postures, dance, or sit in stillness, having a regular practice where we focus on listening to and following our bodies guidance can be profoundly healing, insightful and magical. Even a short practice can strengthen us physically and emotionally, leading us to deeper peace and joy - our natural state of being. As we practice we create and strengthen different habits and ways of being that allow us to feel more expansive and joyful. That help us to open up see opportunities that can easily pass us by when we are stuck in survival mode.

Our story isn't written yet and we have a say in what happens next, the key is to stay balanced and clear. I am offering a free workshop to help you to build a daily practice that's right for you. I will demonstrate techniques that help to soothe your stress response, create clarity of mind and focus, support your immune system and to help you to maintain a vibrant and healthy body. Click here for details.

If you'd like to build your practice and stay on track to creating a new state of being, our Foundation Course and Membership Platform offer tools, techniques and support in helping you to choose wisely, live well and create a life you love.

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