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Cycle Syncing & How Its Helped Me

In our society we value constant productivity and consistency. I naturally have quite a masculine energy & a very logical way of thinking . It’s probably why our patriarchal society and its systems worked so well for me (on paper) even though they did always leave me feeling unfulfilled, flat and lifeless.

Around a year ago though, I burned out completely and I have since been on a journey to becoming aware of my conditioning and bringing about more balance in my life. A huge focus for me has been to embrace a more feminine energy, to slow down, to bring in more ease & flow and listen to my body.

I have recently discovered women's cycle awareness work by reading In The Flo by Alissa Vitti and since applying these techniques I have been blown away by the difference in my life. It was like someone finally gave me permission to actually listen to my body and do what feels right. I know this might sound strange to some, but I really needed it. And it all makes so much sense.

I have learned that as women, our bodies aren't these linear machines that are supposed to eat the same every day, be productive, do the same exercise & self care routines. Instead we operate on a 28 day rhythm and our needs change throughout the month. When we start to sync with these cycles, we can use our biology & the rhythms of nature to our advantage. We can learn to go with the flow and let life work for us as opposed to swimming against the current.

What I love most about these teachings though, is even though there are guidelines around eating, exercise and how to prioritise work, they mostly teach you to listen to YOUR own body and do what's right for you. This is something I really needed more of in my life not only to get more in tune with my body but to balance out that predominant masculine energy of 'doing more'. Now I feel like I do less but I achieve more and I feel joyful and more alive. And I actually enjoy the journey rather than killing myself to get to the next goal, only to do it all over again...

I really do believe that as we live in a patriarchal society, anyone of any age or gender can benefit from understanding this work and syncing with the moon cycles to cultivate more balance of feminine & masculine energy in our lives.

Want to learn more? We are hosting the workshop Moon Blessings - Women's Cycle Awareness in collaboration with Suzy Greenwood - Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Health & Wellbeing Coach & Menstruality Mentor on Monday 30th November at 7:30pm.

This workshop is offered as a part of our A Handpicked Life Membership or individual tickets are for sale at our website here.

If you are interested in diving deeper into syncing with cycles of our bodies & nature and letting life work for you, our membership is structured to help build your awareness & start to live in flow so you can create a life you love. Want to dip your toe in? We offer a 7 day free trial! Sign up here!

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