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Energy Centres - Practical, Wise and Magical!

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Cultures across the globe acknowledge that located in our physical body’s are vortexes of energy. Whether known as Chakra’s in Indian traditions, Cauldrons by the Celts or Dantian in China, these spinning pools of energy are acknowledged for their profound intelligence, innate wisdom and playing specific roles in mirroring our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. These energy centres act like data banks holding specific themes of major events and different slices of our personal story.

Having a deeper understanding of how these centres work can provide us with an abundant source of practical support as we navigate our day to day lives. In fact, much more than becoming a good navigator, we can develop our curiosity, enthusiasm and access a deeper level of contentment and joy.

Life is a mystery to be lived not a business to be managed. - Osho

Some cultures acknowledge three main energy centres, some seven and others nine. There is a thread of continuity in the interpretations of their functions suggesting universal truths that are held within us. These ‘truths’ are apparent in the traditions and health systems of our various cultures. Somatic practices, meditation and different healing methods have been used for thousands of years across the globe in different ways to keep these energy centres in harmony balance and equilibrium. Rituals and ceremonies also reflect that the way we structure our traditions are guided by a wisdom held within us.

For instance: The energy centre known as the ‘Root’ is located at the pubic bone and relates to our basic survival, having a roof over our heads, enough food and money to survive. It is also about having a sense of belonging. The importance of this connection is recognised in every culture through rituals that welcome and name a new born into the world, giving them a place in the family/community and making a commitment to take responsibility for their care. It is also symbolic of us saying ‘Yes’ in return, committing to being here and taking our place in the world. When this centre is strong and in balance we have this sense of being grounded and rooted in ourselves. Without this we can feel lost and drift through life.

The solar plexus located just above the naval is our connection to ourselves. Our self esteem, how well we know ourselves and how easily we are able to be authentic as well as being able to be co-operative and connected to the rest of the world. From this energy centre we take responsibility for the quality of person we are, recognised in coming of age rituals such as 18th’s, Bah mitzvah's, confirmation etc. When this energy centre is in balance we trust our intuition, look after ourselves and have a healthy self esteem.

Each energy centre has valuable practical guidance helping us to accept, explore and stay open to being curious rather than closing down, feeling confused or taking things too personally. Understanding these centres and fully embodying what they have to offer is available to all of us. They can help us to navigate life, heal, raise our energy levels, tap into our full potential and cultivate joy, health and vitality.

If you would like to dive a little deeper, we are opening up the doors again to our A Handpicked Life Membership and offering this months workshop free: A Journey Into The Chakras: Part One - Root to Solar Plexus with Lianne Campbell. Register for free here!

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