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My Happiness Experiment

On our membership platform we recently completed The 21 Day Happiness Experiment. During that time there were moments when I felt pure joy and exhilaration and, at others a gentle feeling of lightness and strength forming in my core. Although I had been using these techniques for many years, this was the first time I focused purely on raising my happiness set point by acting as soon as I felt any negativity creeping in. Even the day to day niggles were been blasted away with an exercise or technique! Sometimes it took a lot of effort and other times it felt like a breeze. I also used a mantra of 'YES' regularly that always accompanied a feeling expansion and receiving.

During the experiment and since I have noticed that more opportunities have been coming to me that are joyful and fun. There have been a few intense and difficult situations arise as they inevitably do in life and I have found it easier not to dwell or get drawn in. Feeling happier and more content has me dealing with them quicker and more efficiently so I can get back to feeling good! I feel very grateful for the opportunity to experiment with everyone who took part. There is a group energy that inevitably gets stronger and more supportive when we join together with a common goal. Judging by the comments and feedback we have received we can only conclude that those who participated benefited hugely.

Just for the record, the experiment was not about putting plasters on broken legs there are most definitely times to address deeper issues, past traumas and painful memories. However, when we have a strong foundation of joy and contentment we also have the resilience, adaptability and strength to support our healing so strengthening those happy muscles creates a priceless resource of strength.

Who wouldn't want some of that in the bank for a rainy day? 😊

We will be closing enrolment for our membership for the summer at the end of July while we work on some exciting new material ready for our relaunch in September. There's still a few weeks left to join us for the summer as we work with somatic practices and life coaching influenced by the energy of the season and the fire element. Transforming anxiety into joy! Join us here.

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