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Pivotal Times - From top down structure to heart centred community

Astrology is a subject that is close to my heart and understanding these rhythms of energy and how they influence us has helped me see life and our world through a lens of meaning, purpose and opportunity. Its a system that provides me with great comfort, compassion, empowerment and hope for the future. Right now, we are amongst some pivotal and revolutionary energies and I wanted to share some thoughts on how we can harness this energy to co-create the world we want to live in.

Everything is energy and whether we are aware of it or not we are constantly influenced by the energetic cycles that are happening simultaneously all around us. Be it the seasons of the year, the cycle of a day, the cycles of the moon, women's cycles, the cycle of our lives, the orbits of the planets and so much more. When we become aware of these cycles, we can begin to understand the energy that is influencing us and the collective and work with it as opposed to resisting the change and opportunity it brings.

It is undeniable that our societies and social structures are going through a radical period of change and transformation and have been for the past few years. Astrologically we are moving through powerful, generational shifts calling for the move away from top down authority, structure and control to heart centred community. We are being called to come back to the basics, to the earth and to nature and to stay grounded and keep the vibration of the planet high. To move from the energy of an era of the mind and logic into heart centred living and decision making. Change and uncertainty and the collapse of the old for the new to be reborn is inevitable and not always comfortable. However, every single one of us has a part to play in how this period of time plays out and we CAN make a difference.

In the words of astrologer Pam Gregory, astrology, just like any other cycle that influences us, is like a sheet of music. It provides us with an energetic and archetypal pattern of how things will play out but we have a choice in how beautifully and in which key that music is played. That is empowering.

The key in which the music is played is a metaphor for our vibration and the vibration of the collective. Staying grounded, centred, finding your joy and bliss and keeping your vibration high even in the most simple ways has a profound impact not only on your wellbeing, your relationships and your life situation but also the collective as a whole. It is scientific fact that our emotions and state of wellbeing has energetic frequency and frequency effects frequency. High frequency energy, the energy of love, joy and bliss, has a much more powerful effect on lower frequency energy. In fact just 1-2% of people in a high frequency can effect the collective. (An example of this in action is the Maharishi Effect, a study of a large group in meditation & prayer reduced the crime rate of an entire city by 23% in just 4 weeks!)

If everything is energy, and like effects like, the problems and injustices in the world are simply manifestations of low frequency energy. This is not a call to bypass all of the issues we face as a society, but we can still stand in our values and for what's right in a peaceful way and keep our vibration high while keeping our attention to where we are heading. Harnessing this energy of change and transformation that is with us and co-creating the future and reality we are choosing.

Looking at the astrology of this period of time, though we are through some of the bumpier parts, we have a way to go yet. Now is a time to let our hearts lead the way. To get clear on our values, on what truly matters to us as authentic individuals and to find our true communities, be it online or in person. To manage our own energy and our frequency by staying grounded and keeping our vibration high even during turbulent and uncertain times.

Having a daily practice, a time each day where you can check in, wipe the slate clean, realign and work to support your body and energy system is absolutely key. Our bodies and energy systems are hard wired to be well and in a state of bliss and developing a medicine cabinet of simple tools and practices you can draw from will support you in staying on track to living in a state of peace, joy and contentment. Be it energy techniques, tapping, dancing, yoga, meditation or finding joy in the day to day such as spending time in nature, laughing, throwing a ball for a dog, watching a sunset. Find what works for you and prioritise it. It will pay dividends in the months to come.

If you need some guidance or you'd like to learn some tips or tools for your medicine cabinet, please do check out our free course Tapping Into Natures Rhythms. A five step video course which guides you to tap into the wisdom of cycles and the power of your true nature with simple yet powerful somatic practices to help you work with different energetic archetypes. Its an invaluable mini library there to support you whenever you need it so please, enjoy it and share with anyone you think might benefit. Keep an eye out for our monthly YouTube updates for even more tools and sign up to our newsletter to stay updated. And if you, our community, have any requests for videos or questions about how you might be able to support yourself at this time, let us know by dropping us an email

Everything we create is to support you, and our mission to create a happier healthier world, one person at a time. Let's make it happen together.

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