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Ready, steady...not yet!

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

So, we have passed the time of Imbolc, the old pagan festival that celebrates the coming of spring, the beginning of the lambing season and the hope for a good farming year.

Even though we are still in winter there is no denying the whisper of new life in the air with the lighter evenings, new shoots pushing through and snowdrops appearing. Equally, we can have that feeling of wanting to venture out more and get life moving. Although there are no absolutes, and following your own unique flow is the most important thing, being aware of what the season has to offer is a smart way to plug into the circadian rhythms that effect us whether we acknowledge them or not. Knowing that this is still a time to be economical with your energy and taking even short amounts of time to regularly do things that are nourishing and restful can go a long way to ensuring you can make the most of the energy that bursts forth in the spring, ride the wave and and avoid burn out and overwhelm in the summer.

This month our guest workshop facilitator is life coach and Breathwork facilitator Karishma Donde. She will be offering a short talk followed by an experiential Breathwork session. Attendees will be exploring and learning techniques to keep anxiety and stress under control and use breath as a healing modality. You can listen to our conversation about this powerful practice here.

The online workshop will take place on Tuesday 16th February at 7:30pm GMT. Tickets are £12.00 and are available via the A Handpicked Life Website. The replay will be available for all ticket holders for 48 hours after the event. This workshop is free to members of our A Handpicked Life Membership, details of which can be found in the Events tab on the membership platform. You can learn more about our membership and give it a try with our 7 day free trial here.

Happy Imbolc to you all! We are now well and truly on the light side of the year!

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