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So what is the best way to start this New Year?

As 2020 draws to a close there are undoubtedly mixed feelings as to what the year brought and what is to come. Our New Year as always, will start in the depths of winter, a time for reflection and quiet, when energy is low and resources are few. If we go with nature at this time we can replenish, get clear and be ready with renewed energy for springtime. With the so many unknowns in the outer world building a rich inner world, a feeling of trust and safety inside ourselves is more important than ever. The story isn't written yet and our thoughts, feelings and expectations are key to creating our lives and the world we want to live in as we go forward. Advertising and media is now full of encouragement for us to 'spring into action' with new regimes and diets, get busy moving life forward. The clue here is in the 'spring'... best wait until then! When the season is supporting new growth and glorious bursts of fresh life force. Right now the darkest time of the year is much more equipped to support us in gaining clarity and setting intentions. In order to make the most of our energy and the forces that support life, consider making resolutions that will nourish your mind and body and sustain you throughout the year. Build trust and make promises to yourself that you can keep by focusing on things that are enjoyable and nurturing. Resolve to choose healthier food, find delicious alternatives, explore new ways of exercising that feel fun and satisfying, make time for rest and renewal, create a 'feel good' list and choose one to do either weekly or daily. We have a natural desire for joy and fulfilment so focusing on what we want rather than abstaining, avoiding or forcing ourselves is a far more sustainable and realistic way of succeeding in creating a habit we prefer. Every time you keep a promise to yourself you help to build your self esteem. Resolve be kind and supportive to yourself and see how much easier and lighter making changes can be. Get your downloadable, different kind of New Years resolution written exercise here. Please feel free to share this gift with anyone you think will benefit by sharing this link: If you'd like some gentle & clear guidance to starting your new year on the right foot check out our Foundation Course and make 2021 the best year yet! Click here for details. Here's to a happy, healthy 2021! ✨

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