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How to fuel your actions for the best results 🌳

The energy of spring aligns well with our cultures love of doing, achieving, producing and working hard, making it a good time to act on realising your goals and dreams. The wisdom of the spring informs us of how we can break through lethargy and procrastination and transform anger and frustration into assertive action. The archetypal energy associated with spring and the quadrant of the natures rhythms cycle ACT is strong and persistent. Like a tree penetrating the earth, it takes its place and thrives. The organs related to this time of year are liver and gallbladder which is why detoxes and practices to help liver function are encouraged in order to shift toxins and stagnation and harness the full force available to us.

In the springtime if the energy of action is in harmony with the other energetic archetypes that form a natural, balanced cycle (more on this in the free natures rhythms course), it can be harnessed as a great ally to whatever actions we take. Harnessing this energy gets you off the starting blocks and gives you the discipline needed to see any project through. The key here is to keep this energy in balance. Without the support and interaction of the other vital energetic archetypes, we often end up producing for productivity's sake and living on auto pilot. It's easy to get swept up in the urgency that comes with spring rather than meeting and directing it to enhance our lives.

Whether you want to create a new habit, achieve a goal, begin a new project or enhance your wellbeing the energy of spring and the archetype of ACT is here to support. And when we include the parts of a cycle that are responsible for grounding, contemplation, rest and celebration we can align our actions in the direction of our dreams and stay on track to living a life that is rich, fulfilling and happy.

With all of the turbulence in our world right now it can be all too easy to get knocked off course. To go charging down the wrong path fuelled by the energy of the season and all the should's, have to's and got to's and out of alignment with what inspires us? This inevitably leads to dissatisfaction.

It may also be that you don't really know what to do or where to head right now, or it could be you are feeling stagnant and uninspired. If that is the case, use the energy of assertive action to create some space to contemplate and get clear on what truly matters to you.

Take at least fifteen minutes with a scrap piece of paper to blurt out some answers to these questions:

What makes you feel truly alive? What do you find you spend your most time doing? What do you spend most of your money on? What do you care about/talk/think about the most? What feelings do these things invoke when they are alive in you?

Now, take another ten minutes to create the statement below. Write in in the present tense and use positive language (in other words focus on what you do want rather than what you don't)

If you had no limitations whatsoever, what would your Handpicked Life look like?

Read your statement through every morning and commit to one or two actions however small that you can take during the day to stay aligned with living in accordance with your vision.

Let joy and passion take precedence over fear and stale habits.

When your actions are inspired by your highest values, when you feel excited and joyful about what you are heading towards, then you know you are creating something that is worthwhile and sustainable. Happy, fulfilled people are naturally more generous, have compassionate boundaries and seek out the common good that is at the heart of all of us. AND they have the energy and inspiration to take action. What else could be more beneficial in creating a fairer, kinder world right now?

Join us in our April Natures Rhythms update as we take a deeper dive into the energy of this season and explore staying grounded, centred and aligned with our values and what truly matters to us.

Our membership is open!

Our A Handpicked Life Membership and community provides you with the support, encouragement, tools and continuity to get you started and keep you on track. This season we are keeping our doors open for longer than usual in order to make the most of this window of time. take the leap and join us - craft the life you want to live and contribute to the world you want to live in.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your spring season!

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