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Tap Yourself Happy.

Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, it is! I can vouch for it along with thousands of other people, amongst them are war veterans with PTSD, clinically depressed people and the many who have suffered a low grade buzz of constant anxiety and worry that strips them of vitality and joy.

Tapping, also known as energy psychology or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is now thankfully getting the attention it deserves. Although it is strongly advised that if you are dealing severe trauma you do so with a practitioner, it is a technique that is available to everyone. Its easy to learn and ALWAYS at you finger tips (pun intended)! Even if you know you are dealing with severe trauma or depression, you can still benefit just by breathing, tapping on the points and focusing on calm without addressing the cause.

If you are new to tapping and the protocol then please see my blog So what is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) here.

In his book 'Bliss Brain' Dawson church shares the most recent scientific research on tapping and the results are very exciting indeed! Amongst many mind blowing studies that continue to reveal a multitude of benefits, tapping has shown to reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Although cortisol is fine and actually useful in small doses, it is something we are producing far to much of and unnecessarily in our fast paced modern day lives. Cortisol is widely recognised as the main cause of disease and disorder in the body and, although most people know how damaging stress is to us, changing our lifestyles can be challenging and can often feel like something out of our control.

Rather than trying to control outside circumstances, it is more effective to first change the way we respond to them. As our response is something we always have control over. Tapping is a great way to do this in an incredibly short space of time. Using EFT, we can feel happier and healthier whatever our circumstances in life.

We are not talking here about that dizzy feeling of exhilaration, manic laughter or a giddy short lived high (although they are nice to experience from time to time!). More a deeply satisfying presence of contentment and ease. A gentle ever present softness that gives us the the ability to recover more quickly from set backs and guide us to a tendency to see the glass half full. A feeling that no matter what happens in life, we are able to maintain a sense of trust and enthusiasm for life. Tapping is a way to create a foundation for our well being and increase our capacity to enjoy our lives.

The reduction of cortisol is one of the many benefits. In fact, not only does it reduce Cortisol in a very short space of time, it also serves to raise other life enhancing hormones:

  • Serotonin; regulates our moods as well as sleep, digestion, appetite, memory and our ability to learn. It also is activated when we are acknowledged.

  • Dopamine; AKA the feel good hormone and an important part of the brains reward system activating pleasure, memory, learning and motor function.

  • Oxytocin; - the love hormone, promotes bonding, trust and empathy

  • Endorphins; our natural pain relievers.

What a wonder drug, all completely free with no side effects!!

It seems no matter what the trigger, be it fear of public speaking, work stress, overwhelm from parenting, exam stress, threats to our finances tapping has a one size fits all approach as it works at the core of any issue by calming the stress response which allows us easier access to states of joy and happiness. The skill comes in using the right language (although it also works without any words at all), tracking emotions and changes that occur during a session and practice practice practise! As it increases our levels of happiness practising is an absolute pleasure.

So give it a try in the Tap Yourself Happy video below, let go of that which no longer serves you and boost those happiness levels.

If you'd like to learn more, we are hosting a free workshop, The Happiness Experiment on 8th April @ 8:00pm. Join us for practical tools to really embody the joy you want to create in your life.

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