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The Art of Cyclical Living & Staying On Track 🌳✨

So, here we are in the full flush of spring with nature manifesting at an alarming pace. I left my home for a week when the trees were just beginning to bud and the lawn just coming to life and came back to a jungle full of forget me knots, dandelions and a tree in full blossom! This fabulous energy beautifully demonstrates the time of any cycle when assertive action is called upon. Whether you are opening a new business, writing a book, deep cleaning the house or running a marathon, the directional energy that is required at this stage assists in helping you to produce, achieve, advance and manifest.

Witnessing this kind of energy each year after the dark quiet of the winter is a great reminder that each stage of a cycle feeds the next, the force of spring comes out of the dark quiet nurturing time that winter provides. Understanding that everything moves in cycles and all stages have equal relevance is one of the keys to creating a life that generates energy, provides optimum wellbeing and gives you purpose and richness.

One of the most beneficial things you can do is to acknowledge that your body, just like the rest of nature, is constantly searching to find harmony and balance. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, your body is working for you. That can be hard to believe when you are feeling anxious, tired, experiencing ill health or struggling to make the changes that you know will enhance your life. It is easy to want to control or fight against what you are experiencing or resign to believe that things will never change. At these times, remembering that there is an intelligent, nurturing rhythm that pulses through you containing all the wisdom you need to thrive can be a big step towards regulating your systems. With even a few simple adjustments to your daily habits you can harness the opportunities available.

At different times of the day we have certain neuro chemical signatures that support different states such as alertness, rest and recuperation. Making simple changes to your routine and honouring the different stages can serve to get you to an optimum state, one that supports your dreams and aspirations.

Simple actions such as getting outside in the morning light even for 5 or 10 minutes when your cortisol levels are at their peak helps you to be naturally more alert and ready for action. Receiving the morning light partly also ensures that in the latter part of the day your serotonin levels rise - the all important mood, sleep and digestion stabiliser.

You can further support the later stages in the day by reducing screen time or turning down the brightness on your device, take a break with a short meditation, breathwork or yoga nidra. The remainder of the day is a time to dim your lights as much as possible, avoid screen time and connect with the calmer energy your body is searching for.

Sleeping in a cool dark room is beneficial as your body temperature needs to drop 1 or 2 degrees in order to fall and stay asleep. Receiving enough darkness is just as important as the light for maintaining healthy rhythms, Avoiding bright artificial lights in the evening and sleeping in a dark room helps you reap the benefits of good quality sleep, which is an essential component to creating good health and finding harmony, balance and equilibrium within and without.

Even integrating a few of these habits into your day to day routine will improve your well being, support you in creating habits that serve you well and greatly enhance your experience of life.

The mid point of the spring time, the season of action, brings with it a strong energy that can support you in staying on track and being consistent. This is a great time of year to begin something new as there is energy around that can support you to see it through to completion. Join us in our monthly natures rhythms update as we explore the energy of endurance and staying on track. And be sure to partner it with our endurance practice on our YouTube channel to help you tap into the energy!

This month on our membership platform we are hosting our 21 day support programme designed to embed the habit of creating habits that serve you. Using the rhythms of each day to embed the habits that are best supported at the different stages, the habit of creating good habits and this surge of fresh life force presents the perfect conditions for you to create new habitual behaviours. We kicked off yesterday so there's still time to join us! You can read more about the program and how to join here.

Wherever you are in your life, right now is a good place to start. These times are calling on us to up our game and take ownership of our own lives. When we do, we contribute to directing our own futures, for ourselves and future generations - no matter what the twists and turns of life have in store. Life can be purposeful, joyful and rich and when it is, it is easy to be generous, compassionate and kind.

May the force of the spring be with you! 🌷

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