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Creating New Habits That Serve You - Our 21 Day Support Program Starts 2nd May 2023 🌺

We are excited to announce the next step after our live challenge. We are running our Spring 21 Day Support Programme starting on 2nd May 2023 inside our membership! This powerful, directional and persistent energy that accompanies the Spring season represents us springing into action and actualising something. This surge of fresh life force gives you the perfect conditions to create new habits. So you can harness this opportunity, this season's 21 day support programme is designed to help you kickstart those new habits to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Successful habits need to be embedded into your subconscious so they become automatic programs. Our program gives you the structure and tools to be able to integrate lasting habits that serve you into your daily actions and behaviours. Supporting you in creating a life that is rich and fulfilling! And, you don’t have to do it alone! There is a collective energy that is created when a group of people commit to something together. Being part of this group energy strengthens our resolve, builds our support network and dramatically increases our ability to succeed. So jump on board and we can do this together! How it works The 21 Day Experiment is a daily framework of tried and tested somatic techniques and life coaching practices which will support you in creating, practicing and embedding new positive habits. Whether you join us live or you work through the recorded sessions, we encourage you to make a commitment to show up for yourself each day for 21 days to have the best possible experience. The programme is designed so the maximum amount of extra time required is 20 - 30 minutes a day, all other practices integrate easily into your daily routine. The live program will run over 21 days starting Tuesday 2nd May. Here's what's included:

  • 🌙 Your Opening New Moon Coaching Call - An our long coaching call to gain a greater understanding of the factors that support you in creating and maintaining new habits

  • 🧘‍♀️ Your Daily Practice - A 15 minute daily somatic practice @ 7:30am each day. Replays will be added to the library after the live session each day. Check out the live event details here.

  • ✍️ Regular Journal Prompts - Regular journal posts and prompts with tips to keep you on track and on purpose throughout the experiment

  • 🤝 Access to our community & support via our membership platform

  • 📚 Unlimited access to our jam packed library of classes, coaching calls, guest workshops & bonus courses and programs

All of this and so much more is available inside our membership!

Join us and lets create a happier healthier world one person at a time! We really hope to see you there ❤️

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