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A year of transformation and growth ❄️

Wishing you all a wonderful 2024! As always in these precious dark days in the Northern Hemisphere it is worth taking the time to nurture yourself, find balance and ensure you are well fuelled for the exciting year ahead. Even a short daily practice of meditation, gentle yoga, movement or breathwork can make a difference.

Astrologers and energy readers alike predict that 2024 is going to be a fast paced year of transformation and growth. A year where we will continue to see the breakdown of old structures that no longer serve the greater good making way for new structures that support a world that is fairer, kinder and more compassionate. Whilst challenges may arise both personally and collectively, there are also great opportunities and potentials to be realised… if we choose to create them.  Now is a time to stand firm in our convictions to and embrace the joy, wonder and amazing possibilities that life offers.

So how can the energy of winter help prepare us for the year ahead, you may wonder?

Although the energy of winter can seem depleted and less available, it is more accurately described as the abundant life force spiralling inward. Amidst this dark, cool, quiet energy is an opportunity for self reflection and inner nurturing. This season call you inwards, providing a chance to get rooted in your dreams, aspirations and values, ensuring your actions are fuelled by your purest intentions.

As the pace picks up throughout the year, being in the habit of going within and staying connected to your own truth will be much easier with a strong foundation in place.

A solid base will help you to be less influenced by fear, conflicting opinions and societal pressure and more in touch with your curious, trusting, co-operative and life loving nature. This is your greatest contribution to the collective.

Your commitment to holding a vision for a brighter future is now more valuable than ever before! Embrace the winter energy and build a resilient foundation for the incredible journey that lies ahead.

May 2024 be filled with positive growth, self discovery and the realisation of your deepest aspirations!

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