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What State Of Being Are You Choosing To Create?

Happy February!

In the northern hemisphere February 1st marks the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, a very potent time of the year. Energy is still spiralling inwards and, at the same time, there are signs of new life awakening as daylight lingers little later into the day and snowdrops, even daffodils are coming out to play. (I’m a poet!).

The depths of winter represents the stage of death and rebirth in any cycle, the time of nurturing and incubation before the dawning of something new. This could be a boost in business, the start of a new project, a change of direction, a new habit etc. It is a time when ideas are taking shape in the domain of dreams - so the sky's the limit! It offers an opportunity to align your dreams with your values and goals, create the state of being required to awaken your potential and orchestrate your life. It is a wonderful time to upgrade yourself and when you upgrade yourself you upgrade your life!

"Like attracts like. Your world is a mirror reflecting back to you your inner world of thought, feeling, beliefs, and inner conversation.” - Joseph Murphy

As new life yawns and stretches, take advantage of your inward spiralling energy and direct your life by creating a fabulous inner world! Your conscious mind is fearless, curious, adventurous and boundless. It says yes to whatever you choose to create and leaves the how to the mystery of the universe. Decide what you will create and let your imagination run wild as you bask in the feelings of excitement, peace, compassion, courage and all the good stuff that comes hand in hand with positive thoughts and notice how that changes your experience of life.

Creating a different state of being is just like doing anything new. Like learning to drive a car, play an instrument or a new sport, creating an upgraded version of yourself requires focus and presence, particularly in the beginning. With repetition and practise the activity becomes hard wired in your subconscious mind and therefore habitual and easy to access.

What we practise is what we become - so what is it that you are practising?

a. Are you perfecting the art of being stressed, angry, resentful, pessimistic? Are you excelling in negative mind chatter and telling yourself you are not good/young/old/intelligent/beautiful enough.

b. Are you getting really good at being fitter, healthier, curious, optimistic, more fortunate, peaceful, happier, more abundant, boosting your immunity (positive thoughts boost your immunity by 50% within days!) feeling amazing and living a life that is rich and fulfilling? If the answer is b then have a play with the journal prompt below…Ask yourself: What does it feel like to live the best version of myself? What is it I am choosing to experience on a daily basis? To feel healthy? Vibrant? In love with life? Courageous? Optimistic? Confident? Happy? Peaceful? Fortunate? Do the conversations I have uplift me? Do I spend my time wisely? How can I raise my vibration in simple ways?

Let these kind of questions set you up for the day by bringing the thoughts and feelings these questions bring to the forefront and practising holding that state of being. To support this we have created a session of meditation and tapping for you inspired by our 21 Day Manifestation Experiment from our membership platform. We are currently mid-flow in our program where we practise every day for three weeks embodying the state of being that aligns with our intentions for 2023. It's been an incredibly powerful journey so far and we’ve had so much amazing feedback from our members. We are really excited to share a taste of it with you! When used regularly this practise can support you in creating a new habitual state of being that will raise your vibration and support the life you are choosing to create.

“I really showed up for myself this week- knowing others are doing the experiment and starting with the intention of choosing myself every day has felt really powerful and kept me coming back whenever I was wavering 🖤🙏🏻 What a powerful first week!! I've started noticing opportunities and clarity rolling in since starting and Im suuuuper excited to see where I'm at by the end 🖤💫” - Abby Doyle - A Handpicked Life Member

And, as always in our monthly newsletter, if you’d like to go deeper and before you dive into the practise join me in our February Nature's Rhythms YouTube update as we explore how you can harness the powerful inward spiralling energy of Imbolc and the winter season to cultivate the state of being you are choosing to live by.

We hope you continue to enjoy the magical inward spiral of energy the season has to offer. Until next month! ✨

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