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Our Autumn 21 Day Support Program: Awakening Your Intuition

Come and join us as we kick off our Autumn 21 Day transformational journey inside our membership. Starting today (October 31st) on the magical date of Halloween, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, you are provided with the perfect opportunity to connect with your innate guidance and wisdom. This program is designed to help you re-write your current narrative, to strengthen your trust muscle and enhance your intuition. It consists of several transformative stages, including awakening, letting go, exploring your unique style of intuition, receiving guidance, and building a solid foundation to support your decision-making and trust in yourself. How it works The 21 Day Experiment is a carefully constructed daily practice framework consisting of a workshop, 20-minute somatic sessions and regular journal prompts. These daily sessions will guide you in cultivating awareness, delving deep into your inner wisdom, and in creating a new story that aligns with your dreams and aspirations. The program runs over 21 days starting Tuesday 31st October (though you can follow along at your own pace) inside our membership and includes:

  • Your Introductory Coaching Call - Join us for our coaching session titled "Awakening Your Intuition: A Journey of Trust and Self-Discovery" to learn about the advantages of embracing your intuition and uncovering your unique connection with the universe.

  • Your Daily Practices - Every day at 7:30am, join a 20 minute somatic practice to nurture your intuition and reinforce your connection with your higher self, the divine, or the universe. For those unable to attend the live sessions, we'll upload replays to the library within 24 hours*

  • Regular Journal Prompts - Throughout the program we will include journal prompts below the practices to deepen your experience.

  • Full access to our membership, libraries, resources and live sessions (cancel any time)

Join us inside the membership, embrace this season of change, and choose to step over the threshold toward a new direction. Autumn is a beautiful reminder that just like nature, you have the power to shed the old and welcome the new. 🍂✨

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