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Making Sustainable Change - The Power of Somatic Practices

Life coaching helped helped me to get clear and understand what was holding me back. But it was energy work and somatic practices that enabled me to really create powerful, positive change in my life.

In a period of my life where I was at rock bottom, I started working with a life coach. It was an incredible experience that changed my mindset and opened me up to a world of possibility I had been blind to before. However, I found myself with a list of behaviours to change, actions to take and implement all buzzing around my head that were overwhelming and quite frankly, hard to sustain.

Like many of us, in our modern day world where logic and action is valued above all else, I am a thinker. I live in the mind, trying to analyse and intellectualise everything and I can lack balance. Our society teaches us to be very much in the mind. We are taught to memorise information to pass tests and tick boxes, to take the 'logical' next steps. Yet we aren't taught to live as a fully integrated person with balance between mind, body, spirit and emotion.

When I began my coaching journey, I found that I was really good at understanding my behaviour, where I picked things up from and getting honest about habits beliefs and behaviours that hold me back. Awareness is the first step and a key component for change. However, I was becoming increasingly aware of things, yet I felt powerless and overwhelmed with just how to actually make change and make it sustainable.

The issue with intellectualising the change you want to make and using willpower to implement it is that you have your mind on board but your body has been left behind on the platform. It is now widely accepted that our mind and body are not separate. Our thoughts and behaviours influence what happens in our bodies and in turn our body influences our thoughts and behaviours. In order to help you with the problems of the mind, it’s equally important to work with and through your body.

This is when I discovered the true power of somatic practices. Somatic practices are body-centred practices that look at the connection of mind and body, using both for holistic healing. Including practices such as; EFT Tapping, Yoga, Dance, Qigong, Brain Gym, Energy Medicine etc. These practices create powerful physiological, emotional and energetic changes in the body which support you in creating positive change in your life. When using somatic practices with a clear intention, partnered with life coaching exercises, I was finally able to get my body on board with my mind and not only think differently but also feel differently. That was when I started to ground in real, sustainable changes into my behaviour which in turn created profound shifts in my life.

When paying attention to my body and listening to it, I quickly learned the skills to work with it, not against it. It was like stepping into a moving stream of change. I was finally able to let the current take me and things began to flow.

This experience and radical transformation in my life has been inspiration for co-creating A Handpicked Life. An opportunity to share with others the simple yet powerful practices that enriched my life in ways I never dreamed possible. Specialising in somatic practices, A Handpicked Life uses an integrative mind body approach to life and wellbeing coaching. A creatively crafted framework based in ancient wisdom and natural principles keeps you on track to building a foundation for your wellbeing and living a life you love.

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Article - Mind–body research moves towards the mainstream

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