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Transforming Anxiety - Finding Joy 🌞

In last months blog, we looked at how boosting the energies of happiness can be powerful enough to heal trauma, repair disease and disorder in the body and create healthy habits that encourage us to thrive. Joy, expansion, contentment and happiness are the positive qualities related to the peak of any cycle. This happens to be summer in the wheel of the year.

When high energy goes out of balance however, the trickier stuff can emerge: anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout. With any of these states, panic attacks can be experienced and, with the current world events, for many at this time anxiety is high. As political chaos, rising prices and civil unrest unfold on the world stage it seems that everyday there is a new crisis and news is drip fed in a way that is fear based and destabilising. As we begin to feel the effects in our own lives it is easy to feel resigned to the 'hell in a handbasket' version of the story.

However, let's remember the story isn't written yet and nothing is set in stone. There is still time to take out our quills and write the next chapters - together!

At times like these, the most practical and useful thing we can do is attend to our own energy. Addressing fear and anxiety so we are not adding fuel to a fire that is already out of control. We aren’t talking about skipping off into the sunset and pretending everything is fine, but when we find balance in ourselves we can feed a positive version of the future, stay open to the vast array of possibilities and take action that has impact. There are solutions to every problem and, although it may take us to dig deep, we can have a say in how our own lives pan out, and where the future of our world is going.

With that all said, let's address those times when we do begin to spiral out of control. Anxiety is hot, high and erratic and when it arises it is very difficult to ignore and impossible to reason with. Even when we know that we are overreacting and that thinking negatively isn't helpful, it can still be a challenge for us to change our state. In fact, experiencing that split where the mind says one thing, and the body is doing something completely different takes us deeper into uncertainty.

One of the most effective things you can do at this point it is begin a dialogue with your body. I know what it is like to be debilitated with fear having had first hand experience of panic attacks. I found the most effective way to soothe my anxiety was by addressing my physiology through somatic practices. This route was not only effective but often, surprisingly quick. There are a few very effective somatic techniques that help to transform these feelings so you are able to access deeper levels of joy and contentment. I have found EFT to be one of the most powerful. Here is a tapping sequence for toolkit, Calm and Clear, which will help to soothe those feelings of anxiety when they begin to arise.

When we work with the body, we can transform and direct the energy of the heightened emotions we are feeling in a way that serves us and the world around us.

If you'd like to dive deeper into working with the cycles of nature and somatic practices check out our July Nature's Rhythms Video Update: Making happiness your default setting.

And if you’d like some further support, we are beginning our 21 Day Happiness Experiment on Tuesday 5th July. The experiment is a framework of short 15 minute somatic practices live (at 7:30am) OR on replay each day. It is an opportunity to direct your energy and fuel joy, assertive action, happiness, kindness, compassion and expansion. This program is available inside our membership. The doors to our membership are open for just six more days before we close for the summer.

Wishing you a balanced and happy summer!

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