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What path are you leaving behind?

Coaching my niece, Hannah over the last year has been a wonderful way to witness that when what we carve our own path in life we are also paving the way for the generations to come.

I skidded into the world of self-help sideways in a blind panic in my late twenties and flailed about on that slippery slope for a good ten years before I managed to grind to a halt, catch my breath and actually put something into practice.

I have witnessed Hannah on the other hand having profound moments of realisation and, through using techniques that I have learned and developed in my personal and professional practice, she has been able create change in areas of her life where she felt helpless and lost. As a result, I have seen her make a leap from being rock bottom, desolate, sobbing through most of our early sessions to having a strong foundation and taking ownership of herself and how she wants to live her life. In short, she has done in twelve months what took me at least ten years!

Although looking at our journeys it seems like I got the short straw – having to find my way in a path less trodden – when I look at my mum’s life, I suddenly get a different perspective. Mum had to pull herself out of severe poverty and domestic violence to create the large, strong, close-knit family that Hannah and I enjoy today. I see how in my life I have had the luxury of moving way past living to survive, and I’ve been able to explore much deeper the motivation that drove my mum, which was to create a happier and more fulfilling life for herself and her family.

We are all interconnected and what we do and how happy and fulfilled we are in our lives matters, not only to us but to those who will be here long after we are gone. Or, as my dad always said, ‘pushin’ up the daisies’ .

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