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Creating Space for Reflection & Clarity 🍂

It feels that Autumn has zoomed in on us extra swiftly this year, one minute we were basking in the sun and the next reaching for our boots and brollies! In some ways it seems fitting after the year of surprises and quick changes in our world events. However, those swift changes naturally put us on the alert for danger. When familiarity is threatened, it's our instinct to get back to what we know and try and gain some control. Of course nothing stays the same and change is inevitable so, the more balanced we are when it comes along, the more we are able to navigate the terrain with ease and reap the benefits.

As nature gracefully responds to her call to let go and move on we can harness this wisdom in recognising when to transition. We are past the equinox and in the month where we naturally look to balance the scales again after the high energy of summer. Autumn offers a dramatic transition - the beauty of death and rebirth, a sense of life drowning in her own beauty as the golds, reds and browns take over the green and then offer themselves to nourish the new. Now is a time to reflect, take stock and move on wisely. Autumn is related to the emotions of grief and sadness offering a chance to transform those emotions into faith and inspiration. The organs of transformation and release; the lungs and large intestine can be supported now to help our subconscious to clear the decks and access our potential.

Even if we are not sure where we are heading, transition brings with it an opportunity to get clear on what we want to continue creating and what we choose to shed. What will you take with you as you go around the wheel once again? What will you choose to deepen? What can you build on? What will you release to make way for new life and fresh inspiration, staying curious and open to your potential.

Peaceful, honest reflection is a crucial part of any cycle. The key is to reflect rather than judge and allow space for honesty to bring insights without needing to jump into action straight away. Something powerful happens in that first step of simply admitting that something isn’t ok anymore, that way of being, habit, belief or attitude is no longer acceptable to you and you are ready to put something in its place. It is equally important to recognise a satisfying completion. Being grateful and moving on prevents us from holding on or trying to re-create what has naturally passed. Take that first step and the new ideas and opportunities will come, along with the strength and willingness to see them through.

One of the ways we get stuck when reflecting is by seeing life as a linear progression. Our culture values measuring, controlling and conquering over observation, surrender, acceptance and spontaneity. We tend to measure progress in logical and linear ways. The expectation being that our relationships, careers, self development, education, financial state etc. should all be heading in a nice neat upward gradient. This expectation, if not impossible, is rarely successful without a lot of stress, sacrifice, judgment and depletion of energy. Cycles are spirals that naturally ebb and flow and help us to come out of habits that keep us stuck and inhibited. Spirals simultaneously drop deeper and rise higher. So, in each turn of the wheel, we reach the same place or may visit similar issues or situations from a higher perspective or a deeper level.

Join us this month in our October Nature's Rhythms Update as we go deeper into this vital stage of a cycle, creating space. Where the clarity comes and momentum builds supporting you in shedding and transforming with more ease and grace. We have changed the format slightly of these monthly video updates based on feedback from you, our community. We have separated the energy update and the monthly somatic practice into two videos which you will receive each month in our newsletter. This is so you can easily listen to the update at any time and then engage with the somatic practice when you have the time and space.

This month, we have a ten minute somatic practice of energy techniques and yoga. A session which supports you in creating space for clarity and ease in the body and energy field. This session is a fantastic tool to work with throughout the month to harness the powerful and transformational energy of the autumn season.

Taking the opportunity to create space and simply reflect during times of transition without having to act on or change anything gives honesty a chance to emerge. A chance for experience to give us that fresh perspective and the wisdom needed to find solutions and, like nature, move on with ease, grace and humility.

And before we sign off… If you enjoy our updates and would like more from us, we release a YouTube video each week ranging from powerful somatic practices for your tool kit to educational videos and so much more! If you want to stay updated, please subscribe to our channel. It really helps us out and your support means the world to us.

Wishing you a spacious and harmonious October! 🍂

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