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December Natures Rhythms Update - What's You In Your Element? 🕯

What are you calling in for 2022? And is it truly aligned with what lights you up? We can often set goals and dreams that we think we 'should' want, for an extrinsic reward and get out of alignment what brings us true happiness and fulfilment.

As we near the end of the Autumn season and prepare to go into dream time, now is a fantastic time to keep reflecting and going deeper. Consciously or unconsciously, we have spent the autumn season letting go and peeling back the layers getting to our very core. In this session we will spend some time getting clear, what is you in your element? What drives you? What is your essence? Align with these each day and let them be your compass as you begin to dream in the year to come.

Join us for our monthly natures rhythms update as we tap into the cyclical energy of the seasons with a short talk, life coaching exercise and somatic practice. Get clear on what truly drives you and align your mind and your body with this simple daily practice.

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